Petal Power: Special Ways to Send Flowers

There’s a reason why sending flowers will never go out of style – it’ll always make the receiver smile. Okay we didn’t intend for that to rhyme or sound corny, but it is a fact. However old fashioned it might seem, receiving flowers will always be special and sentimental. If you want to retain that meaningfulness but do something different, try these ideas:

Change the place

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If you usually send someone flowers at home, try sending it to their office. Receiving flowers in front of colleagues and friends can make the person feel more cherished. If their boss minds, just tell him/her that studies show people are more productive when surrounded by flowers.

The women in your life

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Someone like your mom, sister or grand mom will always say they don’t need anything. Imagine their face when they open the door to a beautiful bouquet of flowers. It’ll lift their mood and put a smile on their face.

Just because

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Sending your girlfriend or wife flowers for no reason will keep the romance alive and the surprise will make her think you’re still exciting and unpredictable, even if you have been together for years. You can send flowers to a friend or co-worker as a random act of kindness and make their day.

Treat yourself

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Have a vase that you’ve been too busy to fill? Just send yourself flowers and save yourself the trouble of looking for a florist. Try a different flower or colour every week to brighten up your home.

Special Message

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Sometimes what makes the flowers more special is the message that goes along with it. Think of a cute rhyme or just let them know you’re thinking of them. Want to have some fun? Send a mysterious note and leave them guessing.


What do you love most about sending or receiving flowers? Leave a comment and let us know.

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