A Tribute to the Father of a Nation That’s Home To a Billion

The 2nd of October is one of the predominant national holidays in India. The reason is known to every Indian as this is the day the Father of their Nation was born — Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi also known as Mahatma Gandhi is a well-known figure in world history. A strong proponent for non-violent opposition, he single-handedly created a movement that achieved so much more than what anyone thought possible. On his 151st birthday, we at Housejoy wanted to give tribute to the fantastic achievements and events of this Titan’s life. His ideals have always resonated with Indians regardless of caste, creed, religion, or sex. Housejoy particularly resonates with his Clean India campaign as we strongly believe that a Clean India starts from a Clean home.

From Champaran to London and even South Africa, we’ve placed 30 references to the life of Gandhi in this portrait. You may take a while, but it doesn’t hurt to learn about the man who was at the forefront of our independence struggle. Download it, share it, find the elements in this tribute to the Mahatma.

In a gentle way, you can shake the world

Mahatma Gandhi

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