A Peek Inside Alia Bhatt’s Home: 4 Great Corners that Inspired Us

Alia Bhatt is young and fashionable but when it came to styling her home – her main suggestion to interior designer Richa Bahl was that the house shouldn’t be too modern. Instead, she wanted it to have an old feel – a little bit like a New York loft, with nothing glamorous or over the top like marble floors or chandeliers.

Located close to their parents place, Alia and sister Shaheen live on the second floor of an apartment building in Juhu. Here are some of the aspects of their charming apartment that we absolutely adore.

Reading Corner

By the living room is a beautiful little reading corner. The low-cushioned seating rests against a large window overlooking trees. The concrete-tiled floors and muted lighting makes this an ideal place to spend a Sunday afternoon. The entire house has dim lighting as opposed to the harsh spotlights the Bollywood star is usually under.

Tea Bar

Alia and her sister love tea and collect different kinds of teas from all over the world. That’s why it was only fitting that they have a tea bar. This beverage counter has bar stools, a tea-cup tree, bakers racks and tea lights – the perfect space to read the morning newspaper while sipping on a cup of steaming hot tea.

Dressing Room, Shoe Shelves and Make-up Closet

Her dressing room and make-up area have dedicated spaces so that the rest of the house won’t get disturbed when there are fittings and trials. The main idea was to let sister Shaheen have her privacy when Alia’s crew is over. The dressing room has geometric tiles and cupboards with mirrored doors. A lobby separates this area from the living room.

Retro Kitchen

The retro-styled modular kitchen is elegantly done with minty tones. It isn’t crowded with too much storage space but has pastel cabinets and custom-made wooden racks. The monochrome flooring adds to the vintage vibe.

Another thing we loved about the house was the simple white walls and expansive windows.

If you think the house was beautiful to begin with, you’ll be surprised to know that it had plumbing problems, termites and a whole lot of other issues. With a little fixing and a lot of transforming, the house is now a cozy, welcoming home.

What did you love most about Alia’s home? Leave a comment below and let us know.


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