Be the Mane Man: 5 Trending Hairstyles for Men

You don’t have to buy an entire new wardrobe to change your look, just a little haircut will do. Whether you want to seem more professional or more friendly – choose from these five hairstyles that are predicted to be popular (or continue being popular) this year.

Slick Back Fade

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This a combination of a fade haircut on the sides with longer hair on the top. The top can also be short or medium. If the fade haircut is too much, you can just keep the sides shorter than the top. This haircut can look neat enough for office and cool enough for a party afterwards.

Textured Crop

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This one’s great for guys with thick or wavy hair. Basically the hair on top is little longer than the sides but is messy and out of place. This is a very low-maintenance cut and gives you a friendly, approachable look.

Low Fade Pompadour

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Over the last few years, all kinds of pompadours have been popular. The pompadour is when the hair is swept up (away from the face) and sometimes swept aside. It is worn high over the forehead. There’s the mess pompadour, the skin fade pompadour, the side part pomp and many more. The low fade pomp is somewhere in the middle when it comes to playing it safe and standing out in the crowd.

The Buzz Cut

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An old one but a classic, the buzz cut is great for guys who want all the attention on their face (and who don’t have time to shampoo, dry or comb their hair). Since this cut leaves the head almost bare, it’s best to first make sure you have a proportioned head before the razor comes out.

Quiff Hairstyles

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The quiff is a great hairstyle that works for any man. Like most of the other ones on this list, this one too involves longer hair on the front and shorter hair in the back and sides. The quiff is easy to maintain and there are so many versions of it; short, long, messy, curly, layered – you name it.

Now that you have a heads up on what haircuts are in, pick the one that suits your face, hair texture and lifestyle.


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