14 Things NOT to Say on Valentine’s Day

Feb 14th  also known as Valentine’s Day  is a special date, but if you want to make sure Feb 15th (and every day after that) doesn’t get ruined, you need to go through our list of things not to say on the day that celebrates love.

To your significant other

I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day

So you think the day is way too commercial or overrated or not even real – just DON’T SAY IT! Avoid statements like – “it just forces people to buy flowers, gifts and chocolates“, “It’s all a farce”, or “It’s all about spending more money”.

Is that what you’re going to wear?

This is probably a statement you want to avoid on any day but more so on Valentine’s Day. Your date would have decided her outfit and look way ahead of time so make sure to stay clear of any appearance-related remarks.

I love you (for the first time)

It’s a day to celebrate love and it might seem tempting to say those three words for the first time. But it can also just be the day that’s making you feel this way. Besides, it’s way too predictable or cliché. Say it when you truly feel it and make another date special for the two of you.

We need to talk

Uh Oh. We all know what that means – something bad is going to happen. Whether you’re going to say you need some space or you’re moving to another city – all serious, relationship-altering discussions can be avoided on this date.

This is not working out

You’ve waited this long – wait another day…or two. Save breakups for another day and let your date not hate Valentine’s Day for the rest of their life.

Let’s go to KFC


Or Mcdonald’s or any other fast food outlet…unless your date prefers that over something special. Bright lights, self-service and a room full of soda-sipping teenagers doesn’t really seem very romantic.

I might have to cancel today’s plan

This is a big no-no. Having already made a plan, your date would have high expectations and to let that come crashing down will get you in trouble. If you really can’t make it – have some flowers or gifts delivered to cushion the blow.

To single friends

This is only a day for couples


No it’s not! It’s about celebrating love – any kind of love. So don’t make it exclusive.

Awww…don’t worry, you’ll find someone too

They don’t need your expert advice on how it’s okay to be single or the right one is around the corner.

Why are YOU so excited about Valentine’s Day?

Unless you want to lose a friend, do not question why they’re excited about Valentine’s Day even though they’re single.

Ohh today is going to be so amazing

If your single friend is not too happy about this day – don’t rub your relationship (or plans for the day) in their face.

You’re so lucky you can just chill at home today

Now you’re just showing off that you have plans for the day and they don’t.

Oh I wish I was single and free like you

No you don’t! If you did then you’d be single and free like them.

Why don’t you join us?


This is an obvious pity invite – everyone knows that two is company and three is a crowd.

If you’ve already said the wrong thing and you think you’ve ruined Valentine’s Day for someone, check out our special V-Day offers and make it up to them.


Leave a comment below if you have more advice on what not to say on Valentine’s Day.

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