Fun Quiz: What Your Fridge Says About You?

Fun Quiz: What Does Your Fridge Say About You?

You are what you eat…and how you store what you eat.

You don’t have to do countless personality tests or wait for your annual performance appraisal to learn more about yourself. All you have to do is take a look inside your fridge and answer the following questions.

How packed is your fridge right now?

What are the majority of items in your fridge?

Are these items placed in a particular order or logic?

Is there any item or dabba with something you can’t recognize now? (be honest, we won’t tell anyone)

How much of the food in your fridge are leftovers?

Other personality traits based on the food you store:

Only the essentials: This person doesn’t experiment much.

Healthy food that’s low-fat or low-cal: You’re healthy and fit or trying to be.

Containers and bottles that are probably empty: Lazy to walk to the trash can or you’re hanging on to the past.

We hope this article shed some (refrigerator) light on your personality. Let us know if you have something really weird in your fridge by leaving a comment below.

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