Resolution Reveals: What Your New Year’s Resolution Says about You

The vast majority of the population believes that resolutions are made to be broken. But that doesn’t stop them from going ahead and making new ones every year. If you have one (or a list of them), read on to see what your resolution says about you.

Spend less/ Save more

resolution 1

This resolution could mean that you’re growing up and realized you have to save for the future OR (and this is most likely the case) you have something big planned and you need to save up for it. Whether it’s a vacation, a makeover, a home renovation or a new appliance, this resolution is a good step towards achieving your goal.

Lose weight

resolution 2

The most common resolution. This one probably means that you were either fit and then somehow let yourself go and you miss your old self (and size). But it also means that you are too lazy to have achieved it by now because if you were serious about it – you wouldn’t need a resolution to remind yourself.

Get clean / organized

resolution 3

Like the previous resolution, this also means you’re too lazy to have done this by now. Telling yourself you’re definitely going to get it done might also mean you add to the clutter with the confidence that it’ll be gone soon. A good idea would be to get your home professionally deep cleaned at the start of the year and then maybe make a resolution to keep it clean.

Stop hoarding makeup

resolution 4

What started out as a hobby has now become an obsession. If you find that your drawers are full of makeup and some are way past their expiration date – you probably have a problem with impulse shopping. You might want to filter through your products or get a professional makeup artist to help you understand what you really need and what really suits you.


resolution 5

If your resolution involves more self-care (maybe in the form of alone time, a trip or even a spa session); you have been neglecting yourself the past year. Either you’ve been taking care of others or been busy focusing on other aspects of your life. This is an important resolution to keep.

Now that you know what your resolution says about you, maybe you can find more motivation to stick to it. Also remember to celebrate the things you DID do this past year.

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