5 Common Renovation Problems & How to Deal with Them?

Whatever stage of renovation you’re in; whether walls have been broken down and work has already started, or you’re drawing up the design plan or even if you don’t even own a home yet to renovate – knowing the common mistakes of home renovation will help save you so much time and even money.

#1 Rushing into it

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So you bought a house or apartment but want to make changes to it already. We recommend living in it for a while before you do. That way you’ll learn so much about the house and also about you in the house. For example, how the light hits it at different times of the day, where you find the most convenient place to iron your clothes or stack the laundry, etc. These things will make it so much easier to design changes that will work for you AND look good.

#2 Not realizing that small changes cost big bucks

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What might seem like a slight change – like moving a light switch higher up or widening a window, can be quite expensive. Make sure to ask all the right questions before you decide any tiny change. Also, ask the contractor for an estimate at every stage and still be prepared for a final bill that’s much more than the last estimate.

#3 Forgetting about the interiors

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We’re often too bothered about the big changes that we push the smaller ones under the rug. If you plan paint and structure without considering your décor, you might not be happy with the finished product. Know in advance where things are going to so that everything complements each other in the end. That way you won’t have to throw away that couch just because it clashes with the paint or covers the power outlets.

#4 Quality where it counts

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There are many things you can make compromises for but when it comes to things like bathroom fixtures, hardware, cabinets, etc. you have to pick what’s sturdy and maybe more expensive. You’re not going to want to spend more money on maintenance or plan another renovation anytime soon, so make sure these materials are of durable quality.

#5 Measure everything

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Write down the measurements of everything – the beds, tables, couches, TV, etc. Keep that list available to everyone at all times so you don’t end up with an entertainment unit covering half your bedroom door – like Chandler.

Have experience in this domain? Let us know what renovation problems you faced and how you fixed (or lived with) them.

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