5 Signs You Should Put Off a Home Renovation

Like a marriage, a home renovation cannot be rushed into. Moving too soon can double your expenses and triple your regret. Whether you’re still in the planning phase or you’ve already got yourself a contractor and team, here are a few signs that mean it’s time to press pause on your home renovation plans.

Not having a home inspection

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If your house is an old one (or even if it’s not actually), it’s always a good idea to get a home inspection done before you renovate. If things are not right beneath the surface, ignoring it now will only mean more work and money a few years down the line. After a home inspection, you can address any particular issues brought up by the inspector and include them in your final plan.

Your budget is getting smaller and smaller

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If you plan to set a tight budget by choosing cheap materials and an in-experienced contractor, maybe it’s time to put off the renovation until you have a little more saved up. Renovating your home is not going to be a regular affair so do it right by investing in the right material and labour.

Everyone is not on the same pagehome renovation 2

If all the people living under your roof are not okay or not clear about the renovations, take time to either explain the changes and the reasoning properly. Renovations take time and can also take a toll on relationships. They might require you to move out or share rooms, so it will only go smoothly if everyone wants the same thing.

You have a very strict timelinehome renovation 3

If you’re trying to get everything done before a wedding or big family reunion and haven’t given yourself any buffer time, either call off the renovation or start much earlier or break up the process so that some work can be continued after the event. Renovations almost always take much longer than predicted so it’s good to expect that.

Wrong time of the yearhome renovation 4

Depending on which city you live in, you have to consider the weather when you plan a renovation. In some cities, the monsoons are a menace and could mean slower progress because of leaks and electrical problems. Similarly, avoid seasons when there are heavy winds, dust storms, power cuts, etc.

Consider these points and then think long and hard so you can decide whether you want to carry on with the renovation, delay it or just forget about the whole thing.

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