6 Clear Signs That Show You Need to Renovate Your Home

Homes are meant to be forever but here and there need some fixing and renovating. The two main reasons for a home renovation are either because it’s outdated or because it’s screaming for help. Sometimes the signs to renovate your home are not too clear and sometimes homeowners just try to procrastinate it until it’s too late to fix. So to help solve this issue we have listed out 6 clear signs that show you need to begin your home renovation project.

Floors Wearing Off

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The most obvious sign is tiles cracking or detaching and needs to be attended to. In some cases, the tiles are a totally different colour than what they used to be. The rooms that are more likely to face this problem are bathrooms and kitchen.

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New Additions to the Family

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When you welcome new members you also have to be able to accommodate them and this is when a renovation is required. You will have to get in touch with an architect to either change the layout of your home or add an extra room. 

Extra Space Not Being Used

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This is rare but possible as well. If you have a corner or a room that is not being used efficiently, you can renovate the space either to add a study room, library or whatever makes you happy. 

Paint Chipping Off

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Another clear sign that your home needs remodelling is the paint chipping off; indicating that it needs a fresh coat of paint. Painting your home can make it look brand new and also add life to it.

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Outdated Design

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This is mostly to do with kitchens but sometimes bathrooms as well. Modular kitchens are trending for a reason, they not only look amazing but also are super efficient. There are also many innovative and efficient developments in bathroom fixtures.

Leaking Roof

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This can be caused due to two reasons – either the roofing system already installed was faulty or the roofing has become too old and now rotting. So if you don’t want to wake up one day with your living room flooded, we suggest you take on a house renovation project for your roofing. 


Once you detect these signs, plan and visualize your house renovation project. This isn’t a simple job that can be taken lightly. It takes up a lot of time and money and needs to be planned & organized well. Do you have a list of signs too? List them out in the comments below.

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