Design Ideas for your Next Renovation

You’ve already made the big decision to renovate. While you’re at it, here are some fun design ideas you can incorporate to the plans to turn parts of your home into exciting spots of the family as well as visitors. 

Staircase Aquarium


Design your staircase by getting a custom aquarium that becomes a beautiful piece of décor and a conversation-starter when you have people over. Don’t blame us if your stairs get more attention than the rest of your home.

Indoor Hammock

IndoorHammock Design

Everyone loves a hammock but not all of us have a backyard or the space outdoors to hang one up. With an indoor hammock, you can turn any corner into a relaxing retreat. Even if you don’t have the space but have the height, you can tie up a net to make a hammock floor!

Unique Paint


Get one (or more) walls of your home painted differently. We don’t just mean a different colour – imagine one side of the wall looking like the galaxy or a bee hive or even a forest. 

Bathroom Floor or Something More


With unique or fun tiles, you can turn your bathroom floor into a fun optical illusion. Design it into a beach, a bed of pebbles, a river bed or a waterfall.

Turn an old bicycle into a new sink


If you don’t want to get rid of your old bike, turn it into useful art. The sink has the support of a wooden countertop that’s fastened against the wall. The bike can be fixed under it and the basket can be used for storing towels and more. 

Stairs = Storage

StorageStairs Design

Turn the space under the stairs into storage for your linens, winterwear, extra pillows, rugs and more. A sideways open staircase can be turned into a storage closet or open storage space to hang up coats and place umbrellas. 

Children’s Reading Nook


Turn a corner of the children’s room into a fun reading nook. You an go all out by making it look like the hollow of a tree or just add a few shelves and a mattress. 

Fun Lamps


Something simple like a new lamp can change the entire room. An animal lamp in the children’s room or a chandelier in the dining room can be all you need to correct what you thought was missing before. 

Stained-glass window or door


Add tones of colourful light to your home by installing a stained-glass window or door. You can even have it done to a small window, like the one in your bathroom or kitchen. 

These ideas prove that when it comes to renovation – there’s always room for innovation and imagination.

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