What an Entrance! Unique Gate Paints for You to Consider

They say that what’s on the inside matters more than the outside. While that’s true for people, when it comes to houses, an interesting gate can add personality to your home. If you thought all gates should be black or brown, these images of unique gate paints will make you think again.


gate paints 1

A blue gate would go great if you have a lawn or even if you don’t. It’s a great contrast to any colour home – be it white, black or even stone.


gate paints 2

Another colour that goes well with any exterior paint. Maroon, scarlet or even earthy shades of red will make your gate (and your home) stand out.


gate paints 3

Teal goes really well with homes that are painted white. The colour is fun and modern but doesn’t look tacky. It’ll add a pop of colour to neutral coloured homes.


gate paints 4

This one might be too much of a contrast for homes that are brightly coloured. For stone homes or those that are cream or off-white, orange can be an interesting choice for the gate colour.

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gate paints 5

Various shades of green can make any home look more warm and inviting. If the colour is too light, it can chip away in certain areas and reveal the true colour of the iron, so see that you pick a shade of green that’s close to the original colour of the gate.


gate paints 6

Painting your gate white can be quite beautiful – even if your home’s exterior is also white. It looks elegant and gives your home that ‘white picket fence’ feel.


gate paints 7

Yellow gates go really well with gardens and if they open out onto greenery. If the walls around the gate are white or black, the yellow adds a brilliant pop of colour to the space.

Another reason to consider a unique colour for your gate paint – it’ll make it easier to give directions to visitors, and more importantly – food delivery people.  gate paints button

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