Expert Advice & Tips for Home Renovations

No matter the nature or the degree, any renovation can be stressful. Not to mention the time and money involved. To minimize all three (stress, money and time), here are some tips from professional architects and interior decorators for home renovations.

Check the plumbing and electricals

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Before the start of any renovation, check whether the plumbing and electrical work are up to date and in good condition. Since things are getting torn down now, this is the best time to correct any plumbing or electrical issues so you can avoid unnecessary work and expenses later.

Let the neighbours know

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A renovation impacts everyone around it. Let your neighbours know what’s happening and give them an approximate timeline for the project. Some of them might have concerns or request that you keep the noise down during certain times of the day – you’ll want to respect those wishes to keep these relationships intact down the line.

Plan for the future

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If this is your family home and you don’t intend on moving out or giving it up for rent, then consider your future family plans when you design the renovation. For example, if you plan to turn the upstairs bedroom into a bedroom for parents, remember that climbing stairs might not be very easy for them in the years to come.

Kitchen tips

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Most kitchen renovations involve storage and cabinetry. Experts suggest that it’s best to keep it simple and not try to stylize it too much. The layout should be practical all materials used for surfaces should be strong and durable. In short – when you’re planning the kitchen renovation, think of what works for you and not what looks good to visitors. 

Multi-functional spaces

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When you’re renovating, consider making spaces flexible in terms of what they cater to. For example, just adding dimmer lights to your dining area or a seat by the window can make it a great place to relax or entertain. 

Bathroom renovation

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While deciding on bathroom renovations, consider getting larger tiles so you’ll have lesser grout lines. This will make the bathroom cleaner and easier to clean. Other changes that have the same effect are wall-hung toilets and cabinets. 

Use lighting right

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If you have low ceilings and want the space to appear larger, install some lamps and uplighting fixtures that throw light upwards. Install a variety of light sources lamps, ambient lights, task lights, dimmers, etc. Consider installing LED lights but always call an expert. Maximize on sunlight by installing windows in the right places and hang mirrors to reflect light.

With these tips and information from experts, renovation can be smoother and simpler for you.


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