Mix & Match: Which Paint Colour Combinations are IN in 2019?

Colours can always brighten up the place but the right combination can add life to the entire space. On the other hand, the not-so-right combinations can kill the whole vibe. So to save you from making a disastrous combination, we have curated a list of house painting colour combinations that are currently trending.

Before you get started, you should know these 5 Things Before Getting Your House Painted

Here’s some painting inspiration for you:

Navy Blue & Mustard Yellow

paint 1

For this, you need to make sure Navy Blue has all the attention and importance.To add a pop of brightness, you can add Mustard Yellow furniture or furnishings.

Grey & Blue

paint 2

Take different shades of grey and create an aesthetic and monochromatic look. You can also enhance the vibe of the room with a little bit of blue here and there.

Red & White

paint 3

Yes, we know red is a bright color! BUT (yes, there’s always a but) you can actually create a trendy statement when you pair red with white.

Port & B/W

paint 4

This colour can make your room look like one from a luxurious villa. Pair it up with white to give it a feminine touch or black and dark timber to give it a more masculine touch.

Burnt Orange & Warm Neutrals

paint 5

If you like autumns, you will love these paint combinations for walls. Pair burnt orange with warm neutral colours and you will totally be on track with the trends.  

Hoping this article helps you add the right colour combination to your home sweet home! Do you have awesome ideas for house painting designs and colors? Let us know in the comments below!

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