The Phase Palette: Paint Colours for Different Stages in Life

Choosing a colour to paint your wall can be confusing and time-consuming. To make it easier, there are suggested lists of colours that best suit specific rooms and settings. We’ve also previously discussed which paint colours evoke certain emotions like tranquillity, passion, romance, etc. So if you’re making a Venn diagram to help you choose a colour for a specific room, here’s another set you can add to the collection – best paint colours for various stages in life.

Babies and Toddlerspaint colours 1

Toddlers are extra sensitive to the impact of colour. Some colours can excite them and some can even soothe them. When choosing the colour for a child’s bedroom, playroom or even study area, here are some points to keep in mind:

  1. Red is okay for accents like a pillow or rug, but too much of it might interfere with the child’s ability to focus and can also encourage aggressive behaviour.
  2. While orange might be close to red, it’s actually a great choice for wall paint. It is believed to encourage independence and confidence and even helps other children (who visit) feel comfortable.
  3. Yellow is a popular choice for children’s rooms because it’s neutral and happy. It’s important to remember that the softer shades of yellow are good for aiding concentration and cheerfulness but brighter ‘in-your-face’ yellows could lead to feelings of anger.
  4. Green is a very soothing colour in any room. For a child, it works great and it may even improve reading speed. Blue is also soothing and can decrease feelings of anxiety.
  5. A lot of parents overdo it with pink paint when a girl baby is born. Pink has a calming feel and can be used in rooms of both boys and girls. However, it’s a colour that children can outgrow very quickly, so a good idea would be to keep the base colour neutral and add a lot of pink accessories around the room.
  6. Warm (brown, tan, etc.) and cool (white, beige, cream, etc.) colours are calming and comforting. To make them less boring, you can always add layers or make sure the accents are colourful.

Older Children

paint colours 2

The older the child gets, their personalities develop and they will have favourite colours of their own. Before you decide to paint your son’s room in the colour of his favourite transformer, remember these points:

  1. Avoid bold patterns on the walls and curtains as they are easily distracting.
  2. Yellow is a great choice for a child as it aids learning and helps logical thinking. Be careful when you choose yellow and try to go for yellow-creams.
  3. For social areas where the child plays, blues and oranges are great for their imagination and creativity.


paint colours 3

Teens might show a preference for blacks and reds which are not great for their emotional development. You can use black in ways that make it look less depressing and more sophisticated by pairing it with other colours like white. If they insist on a bolder colour, try to stick to blues and greens. Bring other colours and textures into the room with rugs, pillows, throws and other accessories.


paint colours 4

For adults, the colour choices are plenty. Depending on the room and the setting, the colours can go from vibrant hues to warm neutrals. For bedrooms, the best choices are those shades that promote soothing vibes like lavender, pale blue, soft green and soft grey. For studies or a home office, colours that promote concentration, creativity and focus are deep greys, blue, green and orange.


paint colours 5

As we age, we need a sense of security and harmony. The wall paint can help set the ideal environment for this. Soft pastels like peach, apricot, pink, mauve and lavender are peaceful and great for those who might always be in a reflective or spiritual mood.

We hope we’ve made it easier to choose the perfect colour palette for your home. With a broad idea of what to go for and what to avoid, contact a professional to know your options and to find out how to use these colours in such a way that you create a cohesive feel throughout the house.

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