Popular Kitchen Paint Colours & Their Psychological Benefits

Do you remember mood rings? The ring that would change colours when your mood would change. Well, today’s blog is about moods and colours but the other way round. How colours have psychological effects on you and why we choose certain colours. Here’s a list of a few popular kitchen paint colours and their psychological benefits.


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This timeless colour never goes out of style. It is a great option for those who get easily stressed or anxious. As a clean and organized white kitchen encourages clarity of mind and mental sharpness. To enhance the white kitchen add on some wooden interiors.


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We all know that yellow is a happy colour so it shouldn’t be surprising that it has positive effects on you. This colour is perfect for your kitchen as it makes way for cheerfulness, optimism and acts as an energy booster. Some studies even say that it helps in healthy digestion.


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No doubt that this earthy shade instils feelings of calmness and tranquillity. Some say it has the superpower to help you choose healthier food options and skip the junk.


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This shade is used in many hotels to give out those vacation vibes. So if you want your daily cooking to seem like a vacation, it is the perfect shade to pick. Other benefits of this shade are that it decreases blood pressure (read: calms you down) and boosts efficiency.


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This colour has similar energy-boosting qualities as yellow. The secret power of red is to increase appetite and is used by many restaurant owners for the same reason. If you think the shade would be overwhelming, you can use it just for your interiors.


So before you take on the task of giving your kitchen a makeover, you might want to consider these paint colours that have positive psychological effects on you and your loved ones. Have you chosen a colour before because of what it does to your mood? Let us know in the comments below.

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