Prep your Home for Winter With These Cool Tips

Winter season can be harsh, not just for you and your pets, but for your beloved home as well without proper care. Few necessary precautions can help you warm-up for the season.  Pay attention to certain aspects of your beloved home. We’ll help you get started.

Pay attention to wooden Read More

The Credible Changes in Residential Construction

We can’t stress more on how much of an impact technology has had on the construction industry, from tracking payments to ensuring schedules/progress is tracked online  — residential construction has been bitten by the tech bug.

Digital Plans, Drawings, and Records

Digital drawings help owners, contractors, architects, and designers collaborate. Read More

#SharingJoy: A Housejoy Story

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If your Christmas wishlist contains the words ‘build a house’ or ‘renovate the terrace’, then it might just come true within a few months. We’ve made the process easy and hassle-free. Our packages are all about convenience and customization, because we believe that just like people, no two homes are Read More

7 Trendy Coffee Table Designs For Your Home


There’s another routine that you instinctively follow at the end of a long day at work — plonk down on your comfy sofa and rest those tired legs on your precious coffee table, it’s the only support system you need. Here are a few quirky and trendy coffee table designs Read More

7 Brilliant Decor Hacks That You Must Know


The smartest way to spruce up any room of a home is to indulge in some cheeky, contemporary decor. Be it a statement piece that you’ve spent the years’ salary on or grandma’s trusty kerosene lamp that still has that faint aroma of nostalgia, decor does the trick. Here are Read More