Geo-Targeting, Tech Expansion and New Categories: What Housejoy Has in Store

Started in 2014, Housejoy aimed to provide basic at-home services that were certified and reliable. Today, with operations in five major cities, the site offers over 15 service categories with more than 10,000 professionals serving over 1 million customers.

Importance of Innovation

The team recognizes the role technology plays in the success of any service-based company and is working on a web app (with voice assistance and a chatbox) to go along with their app and site. The service partners also have an Android app that is light and works in 2G areas as these experts will be on the road most of the day and usually do not have high-end phones.

In the words of Krishna Mohan Gadi, AVP, Product & Technology, Housejoy “It is important to cater to the growing demands of tech-savvy new-age users. Our new and improved app and website, as well as the service provider app extend the benefits of ease in access to both customers and the service providers,”

Its moves like this that have gained the loyalty and trust of not just the customers but the service providers as well.

“We have also invested in local and vernacular language options and a simple interface with a minimalistic design. This is to ensure that literacy and language do not become barriers,” he adds.


Last year the app and website were incorporated with geo-location capabilities so service providers could cater to specific localities based on their address and work timings.

Housejoy tech

“For most of our repair categories across the five cities we are in, we can now fulfill a customer request in an hour. We are able to do this simultaneously in multiple geo-locations in a city at scale. We are trying to bring down the lead time even further,” says Krishna.

This also cuts down on transportation cost. Customers are always kept in the loop regarding the starting time and any sort of delays that might occur.

“Real-time status tracking and sharing updates with all concerned stakeholders is crucial to our business. Unlike other hyperlocal businesses, the scope of work and duration for each job is not always fixed. In our repair categories, the scope of the job is determined after inspection at the customer’s premises. If an expert is running late at an on-going job, other customers can be alerted of the delay. We use a combination of GPS-based tracking from the HJ Expert App and cell tower triangulation technology to achieve this,” says Krishna.

The road ahead

Housejoy is going a step further and breaking down localities further by creating geo-units. “Last year, we had divided a city into hubs; this year, we are further breaking each hub down into more micro units so we go one step closer to offering true on-demand services to residents in certain apartment complexes. Over time, this will help us predict demand density better so we can shape up supply accordingly in these micro-units,” says Krishna.

Other changes include cashless settlements, offline capabilities for the HJ experts, new unique categories and more. Investment is analytics and machine learning will continue in order to help expansion through automation.


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