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Plumbing Services

Tap, Wash Basin And Sink

Tap, Wash Basin And Sink

Blocks & Leakages

Blocks & Leakages

Toilet And Sanitary Work

Toilet And Sanitary Work

Bathroom Fittings

Bathroom Fittings

Why Choose Us?

  • keyboard_arrow_right100% satisfaction guaranteed or free re-work
  • keyboard_arrow_rightTrained and Certified Plumbers
  • keyboard_arrow_rightBackground verified staff
  • keyboard_arrow_rightGuaranteed quality of service
  • keyboard_arrow_rightInsurance against damages

Book Your Professional Plumbing Services Online Near You In Housejoy

Are you wasting time looking for a professional plumber near you on the Internet or in the newspapers? Login to and hire a plumber to solve your problems. The crew at Housejoy is highly professional and trained to fix all sorts of problems around the house. They can take care of a clogged sink in the kitchen, leaky pipe in the bathroom or broken toilet. You can easily make an online booking for a variety of services at Housejoy. So solve your problems with India’s first personalised service provider and relax.

Don’t wait for the leaking pipe in the kitchen to turn into a full-fledged waterfall. Water is a precious resource and you’d be surprised to know how much water all those drops add up to. Booking residential plumbing services at Housejoy to have a leaking pipe or leaking tap fixed can save plenty of water and money. Every minute counts so hurry up and make an online booking at Housejoy. The experts provide a variety of repair and maintenance services to homes across Coimbatore. So you can make a booking without leaving the comfort of your home.

Are you facing plumbing trouble at home and looking for DIY videos that could help? Most videos don’t provide all the information you need, and trying to solve a problem without the technical knowledge behind it could make the problem worse. Let the experts at Housejoy take care of it for you. They are trained and certified to manage a variety of plumbing complaints. They also help with various installation and removal services around the house. You could hire plumbers at the home service provider to fit a new sink into the bathroom or kitchen, install a shower cubicle with upgraded fittings, or install a nice new bathtub. So make a booking at from your laptop or download the app to your smartphone. The app makes it easier to book services on the go and keep track of them too.

Is your hair and skin unusually dry or sensitive? Do you suffer from dandruff, flaky skin or acne? Your troubles might be caused by the water in your home. Sometimes the chemicals in treated water can be harmful to our skin and hair. It can make it dry or irritated. Some people even breakout unnecessarily because the water doesn’t suit them. While others suffer from skin irritations that can’t be fixed with ointments or medication because water continues to harm their skin. You can install an effective filtration system to help? The plumbing experts at Housejoy can help you with getting a filtration system for your home. You can purchase one from them and also make a booking for installation services. If you suffer from skin and hair problems, it’s worth looking into a water filtration system. You can also opt for an IRIS Washing Machine filter or a CLEO shower and tap filter. Housejoy also helps with cartridge replacement services in case you have a water filtration system already installed in your house.

Do you want to install a sink near the dining area so your family guests can wash their hands without visiting the bathroom? You can ask the experts at Housejoy to help you get the job done. HouseJoy is India’s first personalised services provider and has a great team of experts who are well-versed in solving all kinds of plumbing problems. You can easily make bookings for home plumbing services from your laptop or smartphone. Housejoy has an easy-to-use app for your smartphone that you can download from the App Store. It lets you make bookings on the go and keep track of them too.

Do you want to install a bigger sink in the kitchen or change the tap in the bathroom? Just visit Housejoy and book doorstep plumbing services in Coimbatore. The plumbing professionals can help you remove old sinks and install new ones. The can help you with the layout of new piping and water connections. They can also repair and replace taps in your home or office. So login to and book plumbing services from your laptop or PC. Registration is quick and easy, and only takes a few minutes. And if the plumbing problem has made a mess in the kitchen or bathroom, you could book deep home cleaning services at Housejoy. They offer a range of services that can help make your home look and feel new. You can choose from deep kitchen cleaning services, deep bathroom cleaning services, carpet shampooing and more.

Has a leaky pipe or leaking air conditioner caused discolouration in the wall, or made the paint peel off? Book plumbing services at Housejoy and let the experts take care of it. And if you want the wall to look better, you could also make a booking for premium home painting services. The team from Housejoy is highly professional and timely. They provide doorstep services across Coimbatore. So make a booking today and help your home feel better.

Are you looking for plumbing services in Coimbatore? Don’t waste time on the Internet, just visit and make an online booking. The experts at Housejoy are trained and certified. They can help with any problems related to toilets, sanitary work, bathroom water filters, kitchen fittings, bathroom fittings, pipelines and pumps, blocked pipes and leakages. They also provide an option for sourcing replacements and parts so you won’t have to run around town looking for them. The team at Housejoy will get what you need and you can pay for it later.

Did you move into a new home that has lots of work to be done, or an old one that needs some love and repair. You can book a variety of home care and home improvement services at Housejoy. Choose from electrical repair services, plumbing services, carpentry services, deep home cleaning services, appliance maintenance services, pest control services and more. If you have multiple bookings, you can opt for Housejoy Assist. The service provider will assign a dedicated relationship manager to take care of your portfolio of tasks. The Assistance Manager will coordinate with various experts at Housejoy to make sure the work is done in a timely and orderly fashion. So hurry and make all your bookings with Housejoy today.


  • Are the rates higher than local technicians ?

    All our Service Providers are among the best in market, each having an experience of around 5 - 15 years in the domain and hence their quality is miles ahead of the local technicians. We don't send random unverified service providers; all of them are background checked and police verified. Hence they are trusted & reliable. We ensure a guaranteed satisfaction on your job. We also offer 7 days warranty on the work done in case you are not satisfied. We would do the rework free of cost should a problem arise within 7 days of the work done by us.
  • Does the rates include material/spare part charges?

    All our rates for Plumbing, Electrical & Carpentry are only for the Labour Charges. They do not include the cost of materials. Our Service Providers will tell you what all materials (spare parts) are needed. You can buy the materials by yourself, or our Service Provider will buy the same for you.
  • What is the warranty on service ?

    We offer a 7 day warranty from the date of invoice on all repairs. You need not pay Labour charges in case of a rework within that 7 day period. However, if any spare part/material is needed for rework, the cost would have to be borne by you.
  • What is the warranty on products ?

    The product warranty differs from product to product and depends on the warranty given by the Original Product Manufacturer.
  • Is it safe for me to allow your Plumber, Electrician or Carpenter in my home?

    It is absolutely safe for you to trust our Service Providers. All of them are background checked and police verified. Hence they are trusted & reliable. Our Operations team is always in constant touch with the SP when the work is being done.
  • Will I get invoice once the job is complete ?

    Yes, we will send you the invoice for the labour charges. Material invoice/bill will be shared by the Service Provider and you will have to settle the material bill with the service provider.
  • What is the mode of payment?

    You can pay using online banking or through cash once the service in complete. A payment link will be shared once the job is closed. The payment can be done using the payment link or you can open the app and pay against the closed job. Please note that we collect payment only for labour charges. All material bills have to be paid directly to the service provider.
  • What are the service hours?

    Our services are available between 9AM to 7PM.
  • Why do you have inspection charges?

    Inspection charges are applicable only if you decide to not take a service after the technician has visited and inspected your issue.