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It is a proven fact that kids are more influenced by colors and can be, at times, extra sensitive to its effects.

Wait. This doesn’t mean filling the room with all the bold and bright colors. Instead, try analysing each color and come up with a combination of two colors that you think will work. If you’re looking for a home painting service in Mumbai, give Housejoy a call or place an online request at Our residential painting service professionals will get in touch with you for further proceedings.

Meanwhile, let’s talk about the different color combination you can paint your kid’s room with.

Warm and Cool Colors
Basically, colors like Orange, Red and Yellow and its combinations are called warm colors. They create an intimate, cosy environment that, if you have a large bedroom, you can use warm colors to make the room look more intimate. However, remember to keep things in moderation because, certain color shades have the ability to energize, which, even though good for the day, might turn adventurous during the night time.

Red is a truly tricky color. It can be exciting and tiring at the same time. Painting your walls with red can be distracting. It is better to reserve this color for some other part of your house.

Painting your kid’s room all-pink is not good either. Studies show that too much pink in your girl’s room can lead to anxiety and irritation. If you’re already a fan of pink, try limiting the use of the color a furniture, a rug, a cushion or a wall decor.

Orange and Yellow
You can mix and match these two colors in a lot of ways. They’re known as happy colors and promotes concentration. However, too much of the two colors can be over stimulating.

Contact Housejoy for a free estimate if you’re looking for residential painting services in Mumbai. Our professionals will guide you to choose the suitable hues for your house. With Housejoy, the painting at home is more relaxed and hassle-free.

Cool colors are said to make your room look spacious. It is known to have a calming effect on individuals. However, too much of cool colors may make the room look dull and boring. If you’re a fan of cool colors, try to jazz it up a bit with furniture, curtains or cushions with warm color.

Normally associated with the blue skies and waves, the blue hue is calming. It is will be apt for children with hyperactive behaviour and disturbed sleep.

Associated with healing, the green hue is known to reduce anxiety.

Purple is a hue is associated with royalty. Use it with other combination of colors to make your kid’s room stand apart.

Decorating kids room is a huge responsibility. Choose Housejoy to freshen up your living space in Mumbai if you’re looking for professional home painting service online. The professionals at Housejoy will be happy to guide you through the whole process of wall painting service in Mumbai. Apart from house painting services in Mumbai, Housejoy also offers household repair services other home services in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Chennai.