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  • check_circleReduces Hair fall, Protects Skin and Prevents Bacteria
  • check_circleReduces Chlorine, effects of Hardness and impurities
  • check_circlePurchase + Installation - Includes the price of the product and the installation charges
  • check_circleInstallation - Contains only the installation charges
  • check_circleCartridge Replacement - Includes the pricing of the cartridge and the replacement charges
  • check_circleCartridge Installation - Contains only the replacement charges.

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    • How does Shower Filter work?

      With its unique 4 layer filtering system, the CLEO shower filter fights chlorine and hard water salts to give a clean and healthy shower. CLEO uses patented KDF technology from KDF Fluid Treatment Inc. USA, to eliminate up to 95% chlorine in your water. Effects of hard water salts are reduced by a proprietary combination of Zeolites and hardness dispersal media.
    • Is Shower Filter compatible with my Shower?

      The CLEO SFU-815 can be installed to your standard wall shower
    • What are the warranties on the product?

      2-year limited warranty on housing and 90 days on filter cartridge
    • What is the Cartridge life?

      Processing of 25,000 litres or 6 months (whichever is earlier)