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  • check_circleEquipment carried - Mops, buckets, cleaning agents, dusters & garbage bags
  • check_circleCrew Size – 1 person for 1 bathroom & 2 persons for 2 to 3 bathrooms
  • remove_circleCleaning Of Walls
  • keyboard_arrow_rightScrubbing the floor & wall tiles, descaling the water taps & cleaning WC seat,bathtub/shower cubicle

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Bathroom Deep Cleaning

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Bathroom Deep Cleaning

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Bathroom Deep Cleaning Services

Ever worried about that stubborn bathroom stain which refuses to go or the dark stains on the tiles which are impossible to remove? Rest easy as Housejoy is here to help you out with its bathroom cleaning services.

At Housejoy we have got a quick solution for all your bathroom cleaning needs. Our professional service providers’ team will help to make your bathroom hygienic and bacteria free. Give access to a cleaner and more hygienic bathroom to your loved ones post the comprehensive bathroom deep cleaning services provided by the proficient experts sent by Housejoy.

The bathroom deep cleaning services include –
1. Ceiling cobweb removal
2. Cleaning of light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and geysers
3. Chemical cleaning based on type of material like granite, marble, steel, or metal surfaces
4. Grout and grime removal
5. Walls dusting and wet cleaning
6. Tiles scrubbing
7. Surface polishing for taps and other plumbing fixtures

Housejoy services provide you with many benefits. Some of them are:

1) Professionals with the latest equipment

The service providers dispatched by us are thorough professionals. They are equipped with all the latest equipment needed to make your bathroom uber clean. Most other vendors just send a handyman with a mop. That is not sufficient to completely eliminate all the germs and bacteria collected over a period of time. With the help of modern equipment, the work is done much quicker by our professionals.

2) Multiple bathroom cleaning services available

While most other service providers provide you with a plain vanilla single option of bathroom cleaning, we also have an additional service of floor scrubbing and polishing. Also, you can go through our testimonials to judge our service performance.

3) Safe service

It’s normal to distrust a stranger in today’s crime-filled atmosphere. That’s why Housejoy carried out a rigorous background check beforehand of all the service professionals listed on the mobile app or website. A professional is only vetted if he fully complies with all the required criteria.
This way, you get to avail services only form a vetted service provider who is capable in his chosen area of service expertise. This automatically makes Housejoy your preferred platform for sourcing the best quality services for any and every type of household needs.

4) Ease of use

We know the situation when we try to bring a local cleaning person to clean our bathroom and they have tons of excuses to not come at your place. Also even if they agree they charge a bomb to clean a simple bathroom.

At Housejoy we have made the task much simpler and time saver. With just a few taps, you can book bathroom cleaning services as per the timing of your choice. Our professionals will reach your place at the time of your convenience. He will complete the whole bathroom cleaning within an hour, thereby saving you precious time.

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As the saying goes “prevention is better than cure”, it would be better if you clean your bathroom once every fortnight. As illnesses through germs can cost your family thousands of rupees, it is advisable to regularly do the bathroom cleaning and disinfect it.