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Want to Renovate Your Bedroom, Bathroom and Kitchen? Opt for Housejoy’s Home Renovation Services in Hyderabad

Home is where the heart is. It is the place where you relax and unwind. It is a haven and a comfortable space for your family. A popular saying goes “Family makes your house a home.” So, wouldn’t you want your family members to be happy and comfortable in a beautifully renovated home? It doesn’t matter whether your house is no longer able to accommodate your growing family or if it was poorly planned the time it was constructed, get it redone and refurbished this time with the best house renovation contractors and team at Housejoy. Their experienced renovation professionals deliver high-quality service and excellent workmanship that will not only leave you awestruck but completely satisfied once your house renovation project is complete. So whether you’re planning for a full home renovation or if you want to renovate only your kitchen, bathrooms or rooms, register on and book their top-of-the-line refurbishment services in Hyderabad in simple steps. Stop waiting and make your dream house renovation plans come to life with Housejoy!

It doesn’t matter if you want to rebuild your house from the ground up or renovate/repair your floor tiles or ceiling, receive a completely hassle-free experience when you choose Housejoy renovation services in Hyderabad. You can place your trust in the professional and punctual Housejoy experts without any second thoughts. They understand what you expect for your house renovation and the importance of top-class service and quality, which is why even the minute details are shared with you and done with utmost quality. They maintain complete transparency right from the commencement of your building refurbishment project until the end. Refurbish your home or office with Housejoy’s renovation services today!

Homeowners prefer bigger bathrooms and kitchens now. Gone are the days when these rooms were given less importance. The number of bedrooms in a house mattered more and was a sense of pride to homeowners. But now, the emphasis is on having bigger rooms, be it kitchen or a bedroom, than the number of rooms. This is where Housejoy comes to help. They help you can merge rooms and turn them into spacious rooms. Let Housejoy experts provide you with a service that can create a modern look to your house. To acquire their help, quickly log on to, type in your requirements and details and book Housejoy’s building refurbishment services. This way, you get connected with the best team in the renovation business in Hyderabad who will guide and assist you in your house renovation project every step of the way. You can even book Housejoy’s commercial renovation services in Hyderabad if you wish to turn your empty garage into a stylish boutique or office.

Have you thought of adding a false ceiling to install chandeliers and show lights in your living room? Or are you planning to opt for a stylish dropped ceiling design installation for your office? The false ceiling has been synonymous to office ceilings at least since the inception of tech parks in India. False ceiling can work wonders for the overall look of your office/living space. Besides completely transforming your living/office space, it is also a clever way to hide the electrical conduits and AC ducts. Do you need any more reasons to go for a false ceiling installation? If you’re sold to the idea of false ceiling, head to and book a professional false ceiling service in simple steps. However, Housejoy’s renovation services is not just limited to false ceiling installations, you can choose from a variety of top-class painting, woodwork, plumbing, electrical services as a part for the building refurbishment services. Be it the extension of areas, addition of floors or new tiling work, trust only Housejoy professionals for your office or house renovation.

With Housejoy’s office renovation services, turn your old, dull workspace into an aesthetically inspiring and functional office for you and your employees. Housejoy’s team of experts can incorporate different work styles and your needs with latest office designs and floor plans. Also, if you want to create space for an elevator or a full-fledged pantry in your office building, you can do so with the help of Housejoy office renovation experts. If need be, you can also maximize your existing office space to accommodate more employees. It doesn’t matter whether the job is big or small, you can completely rely on Housejoy’s office renovation services in case of RCC works like construction of columns, beams, walls, staircases and much more. Top-class results are assured with Housejoy’s office renovation and commercial renovation services in Hyderabad.

Whether you are planning to sell your home in the next few years or your family is going to live in it for years to come, a well-done house renovation will not just boost new life but also add value to your property. Whoever said house renovation is full of hassles and headache clearly didn’t know about Housejoy’s premium home renovation services. But you know now! So, make the right choice by booking top-class house renovation services in Hyderabad. As soon as you’ve booked a service, a dedicated Relationship Manager will be assigned. He will handle all the details and guide you through your entire renovation project. You can connect with him at any point. He will make your unique home renovation project as seamless as possible.

Are you planning to get the worn-out flooring tiles or the woodwork of doors and windows of your home refurbished? It’s no surprise that most houses require some amount of renovation because they are usually riddled with wall or pipe cracks, broken floor tiles, chipped off paint, the presence of termites and other problems. The old and outdated electrical wiring and the internal plumbing system of the house may also require total replacement. For the renovation of your home, opt for Housejoy’s renovation services in Hyderabad. Their house renovation contractors, structural engineers and other experts will check every aspect of your house and turn your old home into new again. You can even opt for their top-class house renovation services if you wish to increase/decrease the number of rooms/bathrooms or also if you want to go for a floor addition to the old house building.

Do you plan to renovate your child’s bedroom to accommodate a study table and video game sets? Or do you want to turn your bedroom into a master bedroom to welcome your new bundle of joy? Whatever may your reason be to go for a bedroom space upgrade, Housejoy room renovation experts will help you with it. All you have to do is come up with design plans, decide your budget and download the nifty Housejoy app to book a professional bedroom or living room renovation service in just a few taps. Once the booking is confirmed, Housejoy professionals will get in touch with you, and upon inspection provide you with a free, accurate estimation for your room renovation project.

Housejoy team of professionals understand that effective planning is a must for effective renovation, which is why they carefully plan your house renovation according to the space you have. They also adhere to the on-budget and on-time completion of your project. In case of full home renovation, they will strategize and devise a renovation plan for each area in your house. Housejoy experts will keenly assess your requirements, bearing in mind your end goal and renovate accordingly. Now that you know this, quit searching for ‘renovation services near me’ on Google anymore and turn to India’s leading home services provider - Housejoy. It doesn’t matter if you wish to go for a contemporary or traditional look for your home, just choose only Housejoy renovation services in Hyderabad and begin your project . You can also book a commercial renovation service in Hyderabad on the website for a well-planned and well-executed renovation work for your commercial complexes.

Are you thinking of completely remodeling your home or just few rooms? Some people focus on new painting or flooring renovation while others go for a complete washroom refurbishment or kitchen renovation service. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for minor or major house renovation, Housejoy’s renovation services in Hyderabad can be tailor-made to accommodate your refurbishment needs. Housejoy is your one-stop solution for tiles replacement, masonry work, false ceiling, area extension, floor addition and more. Their highly skilled and experienced experts can turn all your house renovation dreams into reality. You can also book Housejoy’s renovation services in Hyderabad if you need help with waterproofing and landscaping.

Are you planning to revamp the washroom at your office/home? If you want to update your bathrooms with the latest fixtures or tear apart your office washrooms to maximise the space, you should always choose top-class bathroom renovation services offered. And when you say top-class renovations - Housejoy goes along with it. Their vetted professionals have all the right skills and expertise to update or completely transform your existing bathroom. With the help of their washroom refurbishment experts, you can go for anything you like from wall clad-tiles to cabinets, lighting and shower solutions that can make a big difference. By choosing Housejoy, you will be assured of receiving hassle-free bathroom renovation services that guarantees top-class finish and functionality.

Are your kitchen tiles cracked or chipped off the edges? Or are you worried that your bathroom tiles are slippery or old-fashioned? Do not worry or delay till they fall out of their place completely. When you need new tiles for kitchen, bathroom or your entire home, don’t stop to wonder “which renovation services near me are perfect for this task?” Just opt for Housejoy’s professional house renovation services for tiling work. On the Housejoy website or app, you get to choose from a wide selection of tiles - anti-skid tiles, wooden laminate, vitrified flooring, granite flooring and much more that exhibits class and personal sense of style for your living spaces. After enjoying a hassle-free house renovation experience, you will agree that Housejoy professionals do the best renovation service in Hyderabad. So don’t wait, think or worry any more, just refurbish your house or your office with Housejoy.

Planning to remodel your kitchen for better storage and improved aesthetics? When you have Housejoy you need not look up for’ kitchen renovation services near me You can book a service within a few clicks and have the best in the field working on your project. Utilize your kitchen to its maximum capacity and minimize your storage and aesthetic problems with Housejoy’s team of kitchen renovation professionals. Their kitchen renovation experts will help you design and remodel your kitchen into a functional, aesthetically pleasing and clutter-free space. You can also completely change the look of your kitchen by opting for a striking modular kitchen design through Housejoy’s kitchen remodelling services. In case of any doubts regarding the kitchen renovation process, you can read up the FAQs and then book Housejoy’s kitchen remodelling services.

Housejoy’s renovation team includes only qualified and highly skilled house renovation contractors and experts who have years of field experience. Their professionals vouch for top-notch workmanship and branded materials for your office/house renovation work. They will work within your budget to build a refurbished space for you to use and enjoy for years to come. When you choose Housejoy, their house renovation experts ensure a stress-free, streamlined renovation process right from plan approval to the handover. Housejoy offers comprehensive renovation solutions for home and office.

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  • What all HouseJoy Renovation covers?

    HouseJoy covers all kind of residential and commercial renovation work starting from small repairing work till adding up a another floor in existing building.
  • How do we start?

    You need to call us and informed about your requirement and your building location. Then our experts will visit you and do the inspection process and understand your requirement in details. Will send you quote, once you approve the quote then you need to complete the booking formality. After booking if the work required architect involvement then the architect will be in touch and do the planning. And then agreement. Execution takes place within seven working days.
  • When the clients know the final budget?

    If it’s a small work than after inspection will be sending quote and that will be final but if the work is big and its required involvement of Architect/Designer then after finalization of plan final bill of quantities will be done and that will be the final amount.
  • Does structural engineer visit sites?

    Yes if any major demolishment has to happen or extension of floor or extension of area on the same floor than structural engineer will be visiting and assessing the strength of the area.
  • Are there any visiting charges?

    No, we don’t charge anything for inspection
  • Is there any minimum value of work you do?

    We do minimum work value of 10k.Less than that we don’t do. There is no maximum limit; we can do any value of work.
  • What all work you take up?

    We do any kind of small to big work like repairing work, fabrication, painting, changing or fixing of new tiles or granite, Marble, plumbing, electrical, demolishing, extending of area, extension of floor, wood work, extension or doing new water sump, waterproofing. Anything related to the building work we take up.
  • Do you give 3D views?

    Yes we give. First we share 2D views and after the confirmation of the same we share 3D view
  • Do you have in-house Team?

    Yes we do have in-house team of experienced Architects, Interior designer, Structural engineer, Civil Engineer, Quality controller, Site supervisors
  • Does HouseJoy ensures fixed budget?

    HouseJoy ensures the client that the budget won’t exceed during the project unless and until clients changes the floor plan or area.
  • How do you commit on-time completion of projects?

    We ensure timely completion by issuing entire project schedule and monthly schedule and same will be monitored by our professional engineers on weekly basis .The clients can also review the same. So as a team we all can monitor. More over projects get delay due to reason like procurement of materials, payments, labor not we have direct payment system which will be paid directly from client to vendors and labors on our request so that there should not be any delay.
  • How comfortable is your payment process?

    Our payments are very unique. The clients have to pay first payment as booking then at the time of agreement some percentage of project value deducting booking amount. Once the execution starts the weekly labor payments on actual work done and the material payment as and when material required at site and 1% of the company charges to be paid on monthly basis to the HouseJoy. All the payments are within the agreed budget, which will be mentioned in the agreement. All payment to be done directly from clients to vendors and labors on our request only.
  • HouseJoy ensures that amount should not fully paid before completion of project?

    We do have tracking for payments we give cash flow statements on monthly basis align with the working schedule. And also detailed monthly statements of account will be provided to the clients.
  • How do you monitor Quality?

    Our Quality Controllers will monitor quality at regular intervals. Site supervisor will be updating on messenger group by sharing work images twice a day and also the images of material by showing brand name will be share as soon as the materials arrived at site
  • Who will select materials and how will it get delivered at site?

    The structure material we use are from reputed brands and will be used once approved by clients. All the finish material will be finalized in presence of the client and our architect. Once material finalized then the delivery of material will be coordinated by our material procurement team and once delivered client will also get the updates for the same.
  • How does HouseJoy manages Labors?

    We have registered Labor contractors. The selection of Labor Contractor involves a process and our experts make sure that only well-skilled labors are hired.
  • Does the clients have to follow or visit site regularly?

    No the client can enjoy the hassle –free process and visit the site only when required and for plan approvals or if the client wish to visit of their own. Clients will be getting daily updates from our technically well-equipped team with the help of images.
  • Whom do we contact during execution?

    There will be a single point of contact i.e. the Relation Manager or RM for any queries and updates to avoid the hassle of contacting multiple for different issues.
  • How do you guarantee hassle free work?

    The work is hassle free because we maintain transparency in every level, starting from doing floor plans, procuring of materials, payments, tracking of execution with technology and same will be updated to the client on daily basis. Our experienced quality team takes care of quality of project at every level.
  • How will work forces be assigned to a site?

    There will be one site supervisor available at the site throughout the assignment. Quality engineer will visit the site at regular intervals and senior engineer will be visiting the site twice a week. Structural engineer will be visiting site every time before concreting. Architect will be visiting site at the beginning of any new stage as well as per the site and client requirement.
  • Why should anyone choose HouseJoy?

    One should choose HouseJoy because we do everything from plan approvals till finishing. Our team of qualified professionals stands for very high standards of work quality. All our architects and designer are very modern and very much updated on the design of new trends. We ensure timely delivery. Fix budget. Warranty .We just want you to sit relax and enjoy the journey of your dream home construction.
  • HouseJoy gives any warranty on work done?

    We do give general warranty for six months on all our work done. As we use all branded material so company gives all product guarantee
  • Does HouseJoy do landscaping designs?

    Yes, we do landscape design and execution.