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Are you planning to hire the best interior designers in Mumbai to decorate your new home? But why bother searching for interior design companies or ‘interior designers near me’ when booking top-class interior design service on is as easy as having your food delivered? Whether you’re looking for a complete overhaul or just a quick refresh, spice up your lovely home with the help of Housejoy’s top-certified interior decorators in Mumbai. Housejoy offers end-to-end interior design solutions for residential and commercial projects, that bring your design dreams to life. Their professionals are committed to delivering mind-blowing interior design and decor solutions that suit your home and your personality. They have a creative, unpretentious approach and complete your home interior design project on time. Trust Housejoy to provide only the best interior designers in Mumbai who have been making waves in the industry for your homes and offices.

By providing interior styles and designs that are modern, contemporary and stylish, Housejoy’s interior decorators in Mumbai create visually attractive interiors for your homes and offices that exude elegance and look fantastic. Their interior designers in Mumbai meticulously plan each step of the process, from paintwork to furniture selections. This prevents unnecessary problems from arising and ensures a seamless interior design process for you. They understand that an interior design project for your home/office is a major financial investment, which is why the Housejoy’s interior designers in Mumbai do not just create aesthetic rooms and spaces, but functional areas that have long-term value. With Housejoy, decorating your home and office with lavish interiors has never been this easy.

You know how tough it is to find space in a city like Mumbai. For many Mumbaikars like you who stay in compact apartments know that every piece of furniture that you purchase has to work extra hard to justify its place! But why worry about the space when you have Housejoy home interior design solutions at your service? Through Housejoy, their professional interior home decoration experts will help you swap your old, space-consuming furniture with some nifty, space saving furniture. They can also help you recreate your living room ambience with decor pieces that showcase opulence. To get started with this exciting adventure, just download the Housejoy app and select their interior decoration service for your home/office in a few simple steps. Once your booking is confirmed, their interior designers in Mumbai will get in touch with you to discuss your space, plans and needs. After that, their team of interior decoration experts will create a detailed plan including cost estimation and the timeline for your home interior design project. There is no need to worry about any aspect since Housejoy professionals guarantee a hassle-free experience with 100% transparency.

Housejoy believes in designing your home with interiors that are rich with meaning and speak to you personally. With Housejoy on your side, designing your home or office is not challenging, only exciting! Housejoy’s team of interior design experts work to find creative decorating ideas that work well with your space and budget. They handle all details of your home interior design project, so you don’t even have to lift a finger. Be it just a few style updates or a complete head-to-toe makeover for your living room, place your complete trust only in the excellent service and workmanship of Housejoy’s interior designers in Mumbai. They understand your motivation behind your home interior design project. They have a keen eye and unique design sensibilities to identify what is not working and why it needs to change.

Planning to go for new-age office interior designs for your workplace with the help of top interior designers in Mumbai? The best way to get help is not by searching for ‘interior designers near me’ on the internet, but simply registering on and booking their service. With already a strong presence in several Indian cities, Housejoy offers full-scale interior design services for offices across Mumbai. Their robust team of interior decorators in Mumbai work flexibly and take care of everything from ideating to the delivery of top-class designs that compliments your company image and working style. Their professional interior decorators in Mumbai also have an astute eye for detail and they come up with unique office interior design ideas that are a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. Change your office space, lighting, paintwork, furniture, flooring and more by choosing high-quality, pro-active office interior design solutions offered by Housejoy. Impress your clients and show off your office with the help of their professional office interior design services. From your office reception area to the entire multi-storied office complex, the Housejoy’s interior decorators in Mumbai have the expertise and experience to create the perfect work environment for you and your employees.

Don’t waste hours searching for interior decoration tips and tricks online for your home. Avoid the hassle of going to furniture/home interior decor stores or decorating your house by yourself and leave it to the experts. Let the top interior decorators in Mumbai on do the hard work and find the right pieces for your home that suits your space and budget. Housejoy offers top-class home interior design services that guarantee on-time delivery and are always on the budget. Their interior decorators in Mumbai will find the best products and designs for your dream home makeover. They conceptualize top-quality interior design plans for your home/office in a tangible way. With the help of the top-level service by Housejoy’s interior designers in Mumbai, you can re-decorate your living space into something you’ve always dreamed of.

Planning for a new, dazzling look for your hall/drawing room with matching furniture and furnishings or a themed space? And if you are thinking “Who are the best interior designers near me who are perfect for this project?” Worry no more, for Housejoy is at your service! When you book Housejoy’s service to change your living room interior designs, their interior decorators in Mumbai don’t just focus on furniture or accessories, they also provide extensive help and guide you in picking out paint colours, flooring, drapes, carpets and much more. It doesn’t matter if you just wish to add a few statement pieces of furniture to complete a room or you’re thinking of a whole room redesign, Housejoy’s interior designers in Mumbai can help you with all that. From design conceptualization to delivery, they have got it covered. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a North or South Mumbaikar, Housejoy offers custom, top-class room interior design services that works best for you. So, the next time you are looking to update a room or your entire home, choose only Housejoy’s service executed by their team of talented interior decorators in Mumbai.

Looking for unique bedroom decorating ideas to transform your plain bedroom into a themed bedroom? For stunning bedroom interiors for your home - Housejoy is the place to go. With over many years of experience, Housejoy’s interior decorators in Mumbai offer a range of bespoke interior design services for bedrooms and other rooms of the house. They come up with dynamic bedroom interior designs that suit your dynamic personality. When it comes to bedroom interiors, light paint colours can make the room appear bigger while darker tones can make a large room appear compact. If you already have an inspiration board on Pinterest for your bedroom, then Housejoy’s interior home decoration experts can help you incorporate those interior design styles. Or even if your mind is reading blank there’s no need to worry, Housejoy’s interior designers in Mumbai will help you design your home with fabulous interior decor options that will wow not only wow you and your family but also your guests!

Are you planning for a makeover of your children’s rooms? Or are you looking for ways to convert your guest room into a nursery or a child’s room? With Housejoy’s interior design services, convert your guest room into an inspirational children’s room that will breathe new life into it. When planning for the interior decoration of your children’s room, go for brighter colours and multi-purpose furniture that is appealing and prove useful even as they grow older. You can also go for a light-toned monochrome look to keep it simple or a colour-coordinated look to make it more eye-catching. Housejoy’s interior decorators in Mumbai can help you create personalised, fun and colourful children’s rooms and playrooms. With a lot of creativity and interior decoration skills, watch their design experts transform your child’s room.

Have you been checking out various modular kitchen designs on lifestyle magazines and want to incorporate one in your home? Sleek and stylishly designed modular kitchens not only give out a posh look to your kitchen, but they also save space and create more storage. With the help of Housejoy’s interior designers in Mumbai, you can turn your average kitchen space into a dream modular kitchen that embodies your personal sense of style while still meeting the functional needs of your household. Through top-class kitchen interior design services, their goal is to provide a well-conceived, functional design plan for your dream kitchen that complements your lifestyle. Get your custom modular kitchen today with the help of kitchen interior design experts on

At Housejoy, their expert kitchen interior decorators in Mumbai specialize in kitchen interior design styles that are one-of-a-kind and exceed the standard of any other designer service provider. By signing up for Housejoy’s kitchen interior design services, you get to be a part of the entire process and witness top-class designs come to life. Whether you’re looking for a full-scale remodel of your kitchen or just a few updates, Housejoy’s dedicated team of kitchen interior designers in Mumbai will help you pick styles and designs that complement your taste and personality. For a home interior design makeover that will leave you speechless, Housejoy is the place to go.

Do you want to update your office interiors with the help of office interior design experts? Housejoy lets you skip the process of looking up ‘office interior designers near me’ that surely makes you wary. You can completely rely on their interior design services in Mumbai Their professional interior designers in Mumbai can give that perfect look and appeal to your workplace that you’ve been searching for. They can completely transform your office with the installation of false ceiling, lights, new paintwork, furniture and much more. Through the unique office interior design services offered by Housejoy, their design experts can also help you turn your old, empty garage into your very own workplace. Housejoy also extends its top-class interior design services for hospitality and retail establishments.

Designing your home is surely an exciting process for you and your family. But if you’re trying to do it yourself, it can be quite expensive and overwhelming. However, hiring a professional interior design expert can simplify the process. And what is better than choosing Housejoy’s top-qualified interior designers in Mumbai for the job? With their creative design plans and well-charted timeline, you will find the home interior design process to be fulfilling and enjoyable! Housejoy’s interior decorators in Mumbai can help you achieve the space that you envision for your home. Unlike other interior design companies, you don’t have to worry about the scope of your project, as Housejoy gives small-budget projects the same attention and care as the big-budget ones.

Whether you are looking for complete residential or commercial interior design solutions, modular kitchen designs or wardrobe designs, Housejoy’s team of interior designers in Mumbai will guide you on what’s best for your home. They help you plan your spaces efficiently, in terms of decor and design. Their interior design process is simple and they offer a variety of services from start to finish including design selection, consultation and project management.
The end-goal of Housejoy’s team of interior decoration experts is to provide aesthetically pleasing, functional interior designs for all your residential and commercial projects.

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  • How does the Interior designing process work?

    The process begins with the inspection of the floor plan of the area. Our experts then visit the Site and understand the Client requirements and budget, after which we proceed to designing, and finally, the execution takes place.
  • Why do customers choose Housejoy?

    Housejoy does all hassle-free work from plan approval till finishing.
  • How do you guarantee hassle-free work?

    The work is hassle-free because we maintain transparency in every level, starting from the procuring of material/s, payments and execution. Also, the same will be updated to the client/s on a regular basis. The Quality control team ensures that the quality is not compromised.
  • How do you commit on-time completion of project?

    We will be issuing work schedule of entire project and monthly work completion activity and the same will be monitored with our experts. The client/s can also review the same.
  • How is the material selected and used?

    The Client is first educated about the materials, then the Client visits the Showroom with the designers and takes the final call.
  • How do you share the schedules?

    The client is provided with two Schedules, one is the entire Project Schedule and the other is the Monthly Schedule of work.
  • How is the project delay handled?

    The occurrence of projects delays are very rare, however we mention penalty clause in the agreement and we stand by it strictly.
  • How do you monitor quality?

    Quality will be monitored by the Quality experts. Also, CCTV cameras will be installed at the site to access online viewing from any part of the world. Images will be shared on Whatsapp group twice a day to share updates.
  • How comfortable is your payment process?

    Our payments are very unique. We don’t take payments in stages; we take payments on an actual work so that client does not worry whether they are paying more than the actual work done. Also, we give cash flow details as per the work details.
  • Who do we contact during work?

    There will be a single point of contact i.e. the Relationship Manager or RM for any queries and updates to avoid the hassle of contacting multiple people for different issues.