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Are You Thinking of Renovating Your Home or Office? Book a Housejoy Refurbishment Service in Mumbai

Are you thinking of completely refurbishing your home or apartment? And are you browsing through inspiring before-and-after renovation images on Pinterest for your house renovation? Home is where the heart is; so you want to transform your home into one that shows off your personality. But you know that a full house renovation is no joke. It is a major financial decision, something for which you might take years to decide and save up for. Nevertheless, it is your dream project so you’ve already made up your mind and set the budget. Now, all you need is the best home renovation service in Mumbai for the job. There’s no need to worry and frantically search for professional house renovation planners online when you can just head to Register yourself and book a home renovation service in Mumbai in a matter of seconds! After this, a relationship manager will be assigned to your project. He will communicate with the team of house renovation contractors, architects engineers and designers. Then, the experts begin with a formal inspection and share quotes with you. And only after your approval, they go ahead and design your renovation project. Their team of experts takes care of each and every aspect of your full-home refurbishment service in Mumbai, such as demolition, painting, plastering, plumbing work, electrical work, woodwork and flooring. You will be assured of the highest quality of standard in terms of raw materials and expertise when you opt for house renovation services on They adhere to project deadlines so that you don’t have to stay away from your home sweet home for too long. They also take up landscaping services for your front porch or backyard.

Are you planning to revamp your office space with new flooring tiles, light installations and paintwork? Or have you thought of adding another floor to your already-existing office building? An office renovation is a must when you seek to have a well-crafted office layout updated with modern amenities, which bolsters employees’ spirit and interest. You can also go for an office renovation if you wish to have a fully-functioning elevator and emergency power systems that can protect your business and project a positive image to clients. You can even revamp your office pantry that will surely make everyone happy. Whatever may be your requirement, an office renovation must be done by thorough professionals who understand and help you realize your needs. While you have looked at many office renovation images and designs online and even finalized on the plan, you’re completely clueless as to who to approach for your illustrious office renovation and how to find professional house renovation contractors and services. Adapt to a smart way of doing things by simply booking professional services for building renovation in Mumbai on the Housejoy smartphone app. Their team of renovation contractors, designers, architects and engineers will help renovate your office exactly the way you want it to be. They also offer bespoke commercial renovation services in Mumbai for your restaurant, salon, boutique or commercial complexes.

Do you feel embarrassed when your guests point out the chipped floor and wall tiles in your bathroom? Or have you thought of replacing or waterproofing the pipes and drainage outlets in your washroom? In most cases, a bathroom witnesses more wear and tear than any other room of the house. So, going for a bathroom renovation service for good-quality fittings, tiles and pipes might probably be a good idea. You can also opt for a bathroom refurbishment service in Mumbai when you wish to maximize the space in your bathroom or to replace your old shower head with a convenient and luxurious telephonic shower. Time has come for you to bid goodbye to all your bathroom renovation concern with Housejoy. Book their top-class renovation services in Mumbai for your home. Their experienced experts complete your project on-time, with little to no disruption to your regular activities. They can even help you remodel your new or existing office washroom from start to finish. All their home renovation services and commercial renovation services in Mumbai not only ensure value for your money but also complete transparency in every step and on-time completion of your projects.

Have you thought of replacing the wall-cladding tiles and stainless steel sink in your kitchen? Or are you planning to completely overhaul your kitchen into a breath-taking modular kitchen? The kitchen is the soul of any home. It is more than just a place for food preparation. It is a place for family bonding and there are so many precious moments attached to the kitchen. A kitchen renovation is usually a major project, whether you are looking to replace the granite platform or turn your kitchen room into an open kitchen. To start off your renovation plans, there’s no need to ask your friends for contact numbers of contractors for kitchen remodeling services. Simply register on and book a service for your kitchen renovation in Mumbai. Their kitchen renovation service experts can help you build your dream kitchen in no time. You can even track the status of your kitchen remodel project on your laptop or phone with the help of CCTV cameras installed at the site. So whether you need a full kitchen renovation in Mumbai or just some nifty additions like cabinets and countertops, head to and book top-class kitchen renovation services in Mumbai. What are you waiting for? Bring life back to your kitchen with Housejoy’s kitchen remodeling services!

Are you looking for a commercial renovation service in Mumbai to convert your garage into a small office or boutique? Or are you searching for building renovation experts to renovate your office to accommodate new employees? Renovating your office or commercial establishment is recommended when you need major structural or aesthetic changes. An office renovation can also maximize your return on investment if you are looking to sell the property. Who says you have to endure hot sun and traffic to find the best experts for renovation services in Mumbai? While you are busy reading your newsfeed online, open a new tab for! Book their building renovation in Mumbai service in just a few simple steps. Their experts are committed to provide quality workmanship and guarantee outstanding customer satisfaction. They also guarantee on-time delivery of all house and commercial renovation services in Mumbai.

Are you planning to go for a false ceiling installation to fix up a fancy chandelier in your living room? Or have you thought of replacing your floor tiles with new sparkly tiles? Once you’ve decided what kind of renovation you need for your home, you may begin a quest for the best home renovation contractors and home renovation services in Mumbai. But what if you could find all the professional renovation help you need at the click of a button, without even having to step out of your home? With Housejoy you will only experience hassle-free renovation and refurbishment services in Mumbai. Simply log on to their website or download the Housejoy app, list your requirements and book top-grade home renovation services in Mumbai. Their renovation contractors will help you create the look you always wanted for your home. They are determined to deliver not just functional but also aesthetically renovated spaces in all their building renovation undertakings. When you are thinking of changing the look of your home or office, make sure you go for top-class refurbishment services in Mumbai only on

Are you thinking of revamping your ancestral home into a modern home? Are you looking for highly qualified professionals for this old house renovation project? Renovating an old house is not as complicated as you think. You can retain its traditional character while updating the old with the new. It doesn’t matter if you continue to stay in this house or planning to sell, Housejoy’s renovation contractors can help you breathe new life into your old home. They also offer professional masonry services in case you need to demolish and build new walls due to cracks or water seepage. Opt for a professional house renovation service on the Housejoy website for your old home, instead of choosing random home renovation contractors and service providers. Forget worrying about design plans or other issues, their home renovation service in Mumbai is one-of-a-kind that doesn’t require you to do any hard work, not even stepping out of your home! You can download their app and book a renovation service just like how you order food! Housejoy’s team of renovation contractors and experts will guide and assist you in every step of the way, even if there are any hidden issues that stand in the way of your old house renovation.

Are you planning for a room renovation to install big windows for more natural light in your room? Or are you thinking of a bedroom renovation to accommodate your newborn? In most cases, room renovations are less cumbersome than kitchen or bathroom renovations. And renovating more than one room at a time can be even more advantageous, in terms of cost and time. So, if you wish to create a dining area within your spacious living room and turn your cramped bedroom into a lavish master bedroom, then go for these room renovations together. These major overhauls can totally change the dimension of your home. But if you haven’t exactly figured out the best way to put your room renovation and bedroom renovation plans into motion, there’s no need to worry or ask your friends for the contacts for various house renovation planners in the city. Go for the trusted name in home renovation services in Mumbai - Housejoy. Their team of renovation experts take up both big and small renovation undertakings in Mumbai and offer hassle-free services for you.

When you opt for an office or home refurbishment service in Mumbai on the Housejoy website or app, you are assured of a complete streamlined process. The team is highly skilled and come up with ingenious renovation plans for all your concerns. Also, the communication and management aspects of your building renovation project are handled by your relationship manager entirely. He will consult with you and the team regularly to ensure that everyone stays on the same page. Who knew opting for house and office renovation services in Mumbai could actually be this hassle-free! You don’t have to settle for the way your home looks inside or out. Transform your home with some interior and exterior renovation work by going for the best refurbishment services in Mumbai on Their trusted team of house renovation planners are unparalleled in their creativity and professionalism. They will make your home and office remodelling dreams come true.

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  • What all HouseJoy Renovation covers?

    HouseJoy covers all kind of residential and commercial renovation work starting from small repairing work till adding up a another floor in existing building.
  • How do we start?

    You need to call us and informed about your requirement and your building location. Then our experts will visit you and do the inspection process and understand your requirement in details. Will send you quote, once you approve the quote then you need to complete the booking formality. After booking if the work required architect involvement then the architect will be in touch and do the planning. And then agreement. Execution takes place within seven working days.
  • When the clients know the final budget?

    If it’s a small work than after inspection will be sending quote and that will be final but if the work is big and its required involvement of Architect/Designer then after finalization of plan final bill of quantities will be done and that will be the final amount.
  • Does structural engineer visit sites?

    Yes if any major demolishment has to happen or extension of floor or extension of area on the same floor than structural engineer will be visiting and assessing the strength of the area.
  • Are there any visiting charges?

    No, we don’t charge anything for inspection
  • Is there any minimum value of work you do?

    We do minimum work value of 10k.Less than that we don’t do. There is no maximum limit; we can do any value of work.
  • What all work you take up?

    We do any kind of small to big work like repairing work, fabrication, painting, changing or fixing of new tiles or granite, Marble, plumbing, electrical, demolishing, extending of area, extension of floor, wood work, extension or doing new water sump, waterproofing. Anything related to the building work we take up.
  • Do you give 3D views?

    Yes we give. First we share 2D views and after the confirmation of the same we share 3D view
  • Do you have in-house Team?

    Yes we do have in-house team of experienced Architects, Interior designer, Structural engineer, Civil Engineer, Quality controller, Site supervisors
  • Does HouseJoy ensures fixed budget?

    HouseJoy ensures the client that the budget won’t exceed during the project unless and until clients changes the floor plan or area.
  • How do you commit on-time completion of projects?

    We ensure timely completion by issuing entire project schedule and monthly schedule and same will be monitored by our professional engineers on weekly basis .The clients can also review the same. So as a team we all can monitor. More over projects get delay due to reason like procurement of materials, payments, labor not we have direct payment system which will be paid directly from client to vendors and labors on our request so that there should not be any delay.
  • How comfortable is your payment process?

    Our payments are very unique. The clients have to pay first payment as booking then at the time of agreement some percentage of project value deducting booking amount. Once the execution starts the weekly labor payments on actual work done and the material payment as and when material required at site and 1% of the company charges to be paid on monthly basis to the HouseJoy. All the payments are within the agreed budget, which will be mentioned in the agreement. All payment to be done directly from clients to vendors and labors on our request only.
  • HouseJoy ensures that amount should not fully paid before completion of project?

    We do have tracking for payments we give cash flow statements on monthly basis align with the working schedule. And also detailed monthly statements of account will be provided to the clients.
  • How do you monitor Quality?

    Our Quality Controllers will monitor quality at regular intervals. Site supervisor will be updating on messenger group by sharing work images twice a day and also the images of material by showing brand name will be share as soon as the materials arrived at site
  • Who will select materials and how will it get delivered at site?

    The structure material we use are from reputed brands and will be used once approved by clients. All the finish material will be finalized in presence of the client and our architect. Once material finalized then the delivery of material will be coordinated by our material procurement team and once delivered client will also get the updates for the same.
  • How does HouseJoy manages Labors?

    We have registered Labor contractors. The selection of Labor Contractor involves a process and our experts make sure that only well-skilled labors are hired.
  • Does the clients have to follow or visit site regularly?

    No the client can enjoy the hassle –free process and visit the site only when required and for plan approvals or if the client wish to visit of their own. Clients will be getting daily updates from our technically well-equipped team with the help of images.
  • Whom do we contact during execution?

    There will be a single point of contact i.e. the Relation Manager or RM for any queries and updates to avoid the hassle of contacting multiple for different issues.
  • How do you guarantee hassle free work?

    The work is hassle free because we maintain transparency in every level, starting from doing floor plans, procuring of materials, payments, tracking of execution with technology and same will be updated to the client on daily basis. Our experienced quality team takes care of quality of project at every level.
  • How will work forces be assigned to a site?

    There will be one site supervisor available at the site throughout the assignment. Quality engineer will visit the site at regular intervals and senior engineer will be visiting the site twice a week. Structural engineer will be visiting site every time before concreting. Architect will be visiting site at the beginning of any new stage as well as per the site and client requirement.
  • Why should anyone choose HouseJoy?

    One should choose HouseJoy because we do everything from plan approvals till finishing. Our team of qualified professionals stands for very high standards of work quality. All our architects and designer are very modern and very much updated on the design of new trends. We ensure timely delivery. Fix budget. Warranty .We just want you to sit relax and enjoy the journey of your dream home construction.
  • HouseJoy gives any warranty on work done?

    We do give general warranty for six months on all our work done. As we use all branded material so company gives all product guarantee
  • Does HouseJoy do landscaping designs?

    Yes, we do landscape design and execution.