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Housejoy presents their best in class Puja/Pandit services in India, with an overall 20 service providers in and around the vicinity. We, at Housejoy, excel in taking away the pain of finding the right Puja/Pandit expert to cater to your needs, right at the comfort of your home. With reasonable pricing, you can avail our Puja/Pandit services anywhere in India with just a few clicks of a button. We, at Housejoy, provide expert and trustworthy professionals at your doorstep. We connect you with experts in your locality who present Puja/Pandit services at your convenience. With the right tools, best-fit products and a courteous professional, you can see that the quality of Puja/Pandit services offered by our experts surpasses the standard offered elsewhere. All you need to do is let us know your requirement in Puja/Pandit services and schedule a convenient time for a Puja/Pandit at home. On confirming the booking, we will assign the best professional for the job and send him/ her to your place at the designated date and time to carry out the Puja/Pandit service(s). To safeguard and ensure your safety, all in-house professionals have their backgrounds checked and verified. Furthermore, Housejoy aims to simplify your everyday life with a range of top-notch home services that not only lower your expense (through affordable and transparent rates) but also save you on time and energy. Our certified experts are on time, every time, as per your convenience and promise you 100% satisfaction on all home services.


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Answer Your Prayers with the Click of a Button: Online Booking for Puja/Pandit Services

Have you moved into a beautiful new home, do you have a wedding coming up in the family or have you recently welcomed a cute new member to the family? Making arrangements for a puja at home and making sure you find a professional pandit who understands your preferences and traditions is not always easy. Are you looking for home puja/pandit services? Don’t look any further for making these spiritual arrangements because HouseJoy has a simple solution for you no matter what your preferences are. The leading online service provider offers puja pandit services for a variety of special occasions and auspicious ceremonies. Just visit HouseJoy.in from your PC or smartphone and select the services of your choice. Did you know HouseJoy has an easy-to-use app that you can download and install so you can make various bookings whenever you want. Head to the App Store and download it now. Who would’ve thought, life would become so easy when it comes to finding home care and pandit services. In just a few clicks, your needs will be fulfilled thanks to these special online puja services by HouseJoy.

The team of in-house spiritual experts at HouseJoy is well-versed, experienced and courteous, offering professional puja/pandit services in various cities across India. You can make an online puja booking of your choice without running around town or trying to get pandit ji on a call. Just make your booking for a puja, havan or jaap & path at HouseJoy and the pandit will show up at your doorstep for the event. Can you believe it? It’s as simple as that. The in-house pandit and purohits can discuss and help you with over 360 different types of ceremonies. Choose from a range of customised services with options for Kannada, Marathi, Tamil and Hindi in various cities across India. At HouseJoy, you can easily hire a Telugu Purohit too. The puja and pandit services are available in Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

In the good old days, people lived as a joint family and that lifestyle meant Daadima took care of everything when it came to a havan or puja in the house. And when one had to call a pandit, Mom had him on speed dial so there was no need of asking around and searching for a spiritual expert. But work and life has made most of us move out and far away from our wonderful hometowns and beloved families. New cities and new people is a part of modern day life and getting pandit ji on a call is like finding a needle in a haystack. When you make a HouseJoy booking, you can provide a time for the pandit to call you to discuss all matters related to the puja. It’s hard to get the right pandit or purohit to help you with pujas and havans in a new place. HouseJoy understands the struggle. The language and culture barrier can highly complicate the process of effectively planning and successfully conducting a ceremony in your home. HouseJoy has experts in the field who can help you take care of everything with regards to your home, and ensure you find a good pandit ji for the puja or vastu shanti service that you want to have. So your mind and soul will be relaxed, stress-free and ready to send out positive vibes in prayer.

Finding a reliable fruit vendor and florist is another daunting task when it comes to arranging a puja or havan in the house. And making sure they deliver on time and provide good quality fruits and flowers is another point that can stress you out. One of the advantages of making a puja/pandit booking with HouseJoy is that fruits and flowers can be included in the service package. The puja/pandit services provided at HouseJoy allows you to choose from the following categories: regular pujas or festival-related pujas, jaaps and paths, havans, and others. The service inclusions are according to your preference and requirements. You can opt for flowers, fruits, Puja Samagris and Dakshina for the booking at HouseJoy. The duration of the puja or havan can be discussed and determined with the pandit or purohit. The quotation for the puja/pandit service will be provided to you and can be paid fully or in two parts (one part as an advance to confirm the booking and the second part of the payment on completion of the puja or havan).

Puja/pandit services bookings with HouseJoy will not only help you save time but also help you save your valuable energy. Have you moved into a new home or has your home recently been constructed? You can hire a professional pandit for your residential puja service in just a few minutes without the crazy hassle of calling a dozen people or scanning through a hundred posts in the newspaper. You can make an online puja booking for your beautiful new home at HouseJoy from the comfort of your home. Pandits at HouseJoy are well-versed in conducting a puja for a gruhapravesam and will help you fill your new abode with the blessings of spiritual sweetness. And while you’re at it, you can book other important home care and home cleaning services at HouseJoy such as house painting services, moving and packing services, deep home cleaning, carpentry services and more. If you’ve got a long list of tasks for the booking, HouseJoy Assist will provide a dedicated relationship manager who will ensure your multiple bookings are coordinated efficiently, and completed in a timely and orderly fashion. This will help make the move into your new home an easy and pleasant transition. Use your time for relaxing with loved ones and picking out home decor while your personal manager from HouseJoy Assist tackles your to-do list and coordinates your home puja services.

It’s not easy to find a North Indian pandit in south India especially when you’ve moved there recently, and it is not easy to find a good Bengali pujari service in Pune for the perfect grah pravesh. Finding the right pandit for your puja, no matter the occasion, is very important. It’s just as difficult to find and hire a Bihari pandit for a housewarming ceremony all the way in Chennai, or to get a purohit in Bangalore for a puja at home. HouseJoy understands this and has a diverse team of spiritual professionals across the country to help you get the job done. You don’t have to worry about searching the city for a pandit or purohit because HouseJoy has various spiritual experts to fulfill your puja needs. The large team of professional pandits and purohits at HouseJoy cater to 360 different types of pujas and ceremonies in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune and Hyderabad in various languages too. You can also choose puja/pandit services for the a specific locality in the respective cities. So visit HouseJoy.in and choose your puja/pandit preferences in just a few minutes. And in no time, your booking will be ready for whatever the occasion is.


  • Can I pay the partial amount in advance to confirm the pooja And pay the balance as cash or pay online after the pooja?

    Yes, you can pay the partial amount as token advance to confirm your booking. You can pay the balance amount after the pooja with cash directly to our Priests or through Online transfer.
  • How Long Does The Homam/Havan/Pooja Take To Complete?

    It depends upon the type of pooja and package you have selected. The time may vary from few hours to few days for Havans.
  • What All Items I Need To Keep Ready For The Pooja, How Will I Know?

    As soon as you book the pooja by paying an advance or full amount you will be receiving a To-do List in your email in few hours, which will clearly mention all the required items like deepam, matchbox, pooja bell, Mat, bowls, trays etc you need to keep ready.
  • What All Materials Will The Priest Bring Along With Him?

    Our Priests will bring all the samagris like samith sticks, ghee, darba, Camphor etc which is used in pooja/homam.