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Recognize Those Areas Susceptible for Mould Build-up. Hire the Best Home Cleaning Service in Pune

Is your health questioned by frequent headaches, eye and skin irritation, running nose or breathing difficulties? The ‘villain’ could be your unhealthy living environment.

Yes. Your home might look clean to you but there might be dangerous mould build-up at places you don’t think exist. It is more harmful than you think, believe me. If left unnoticed, it can grow on your carpet, wood, tile and what more.

If you’re living in Pune, simply place a request at Housejoy.in or call us to help you with a full array of home cleaning services.

Identify Those Hidden Places Susceptible For Mould Build-up
Mould requires moisture to grow and infect. So, if you ever want to start looking for mould build-up, look for places that are poorly ventilated. Place a call with Housejoy for a deep home cleaning service in Pune if you suspect of mould build up.

Below, I have explained the prime location to look for mould in your home.

The kitchen is one place which is exposed to moisture and other greasy residues.

Dish Scrubber
Squeeze all the moisture after using the dish scrubber. If you find any possible mould on the sponge, throw it out for better health.

Under the Refrigerator
Cracked water lines, leaks or even dropped ice cubes can turn the odds around if you fail to address it in a timely manner.

Dishwasher and Kitchen Sink
Another area prone to leaks and moisture is your dishwasher and the kitchen sink. Clean dry these areas as frequent as possible.

Coffee Maker
Are you the kind of person who enjoys an ‘occasional’ coffee every now and then. Make sure you lift the lid of your coffee maker to let the air out in between each use.

Bathrooms are not known for great ventilation and are more prone to moisture than any other areas in your home.

Shower Curtains and Doors
Mould can hide within the folds of your shower curtain and the back of the bathroom door. Open the doors after a shower to let the air in.

Mould can also appear in bathtub drains, the bottom of the sink or even on the shower.

The bottom edge of your toilet is one of the best places for the mould to hide. This same area is prone to water leaks and doesn’t have proper airflow.

Contact Housejoy if you suspect possible mould infection in your home. If you are living in Pune our professional home cleaning experts will provide you with the best bathroom cleaning service in Pune.

It doesn’t end there. Other possible areas for mould build up include washing machine, water heater, or even the walls. Opting for regular home cleaning services is the only way to keep the mould out of your living space.

If you’re living in Pune, contact Housejoy to take care of all the home cleaning services that your home requires. Book a service online today to get your house sparkling. Apart from home cleaning services, we also offer repair services and other home services in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Chennai.