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Be An Expert In Keeping Pests Out! Or Else Hire The Best Pest Control Service in Pune

Do you get cockroach, bed bug, mosquito or other pests in your home? Do you spot dirt and faeces in every nook and corner of your home? This is not an isolated problem, especially in an Indian household.

No matter how frequently you clean your living space, pests are going to hide inside your home as the season changes. Fret not! All you need is a good pest control service, like Housejoy. Housejoy is your professional pest control service in Pune.

However you can’t call in for a professional pest control service every time you spot a lizard in your house. Here is a list of tips and tricks to keep the pest away from your home.

Bed Bugs

1. Regular Dusting: Regular dusting and vacuuming your place can help to keep the bed bugs at bay.
2. Onions and Vanilla: Onion has got a pungent smell that can keep the bed bugs away. Place some onions in a bowl of water or vanilla mixed in water and place it in your bedroom if you suspect bed bug infection
3. Basil, Mint and Bay Leaves: Planting herbs and placing them near the doors / windows can reduce the pests from entering your living premises to a large extent.

If ever you fail to find satisfaction in the DIYs, don’t hesitate to call for our Bedbugs control service in Pune.


1. Neem Oil / Lemon Eucalyptus Oil / Clove Oil: Apply neem oil or lemon-eucalyptus oil on the uncovered portions of your skin. Remember to mix the clove oil with coconut milk before applying it on your skin.
2. Make Sure There is No Standing Water: Stagnant water in your garden or balcony might be the biggest villain. Mosquitoes make it their breeding ground.
3. Plant a Marigold: The marigold plant is said to drive the mosquitoes away.
If you still think you need some help with making your home mosquito free, then place a request at for mosquito control services in Pune.


1. Cucumber: Place slices of cucumber on the floors or places you think is infested by cockroaches.
2. Spray soap water: Spraying soap water directly can help kill the cockroaches. Clean the floors with strong soap solution or else place a request with Housejoy for cockroach control service in Pune.

Remember, regular and dedicated cleaning is the best option to keep all kind of pests out of your living area. If you suspect any kind of pest infection in your home, place a request with Housejoy today itself. If you’re living in Pune our professional pest control service experts will be more than happy to assist you. Apart from residential pest control services, we also offer repair services other home services in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Chennai.