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Are you Looking for an Interior Designer in Tumkur? Book Housejoy Interiors

Do you scroll through pinterest-worthy rooms and living spaces? Do you want the same for your own home? If you are looking for a professional interior designer in Tumkur, then Housejoy can help. Their qualified experts come along with their expertise and innovative designs and help finalize something that suits you and your home best. All you have to do is log on to their website or download their app to book their service and have their experts come by to plan and implement the project.

Are you wishing for a designer living room in your home? Do you want the guests to be amazed once they walk in to your home? You don’t have to look up ‘interior designers near me’ on the internet, you can simply go on to and book the best interior design services in Tumkur. The service provider offers both residential and commercial Interior design services. Their qualified experts promise on-time delivery of projects and assignments, so you’ll never have to worry about delays to seeing your sophisticated yet captivating living room.

Do you want your bedroom look like those in the movies? Do you want to add that sophisticated touch to it? If your bedroom is your favorite room of your home and want to spice it up, book Housejoy Interior Design. The service provider helps eliminate the process of looking up ‘home interior decorator near me’ on the internet. With Housejoy you can be assured a hassle-free experience from design to handover. Their experts take over the entire project, maintain transparency at every level and ensure every plan and change is approved by you, before implementing the same.

Do you want to give your child’s room a complete makeover? Do you have a design in mind that will make your child jump out of joy? Do you need an innovative interior designer in Tumkur? Let the experts at Housejoy craft the dream room for your child. When you choose Housejoy, you choose a hassle-free experience. You can leave it to the experts and have them transform your child’s room.

Have you been looking at those dreamy modular kitchens online? Do you want one for yourself? Do you want your kitchen to look modern and give out good vibes to cook? Are you looking for modular kitchen design services in Tumkur? Book Housejoy Interiors Design and let their qualified experts transform your kitchen into one you will absolutely love. The service provider takes on the job and the stress of it all, while you just approve the designs and enjoy a hassle-free experience.

Are you looking for top-grade interior decoration services in Tumkur? Do you have an amazing design in mind but you just need a professional interior designer in Tumkur to give it life. Whether it’s for your home or you need office interior design services, whatever it is Housejoy can help. Once you approve the design, their qualified experts will take on the job and you won’t have to worry about anything. Whenever you have a query or a request during the project, you can contact your personal relationship manager and have them solve it right away. If you are looking for upgrading your kitchen space, you can do the same with Housejoy as they also provide modular kitchen design services in Tumkur.

Are you moving to a new home and need it completely designed by an expert interior designer in Tumkur? Are you looking for someone to do your home interior design in Tumkur? There is no need to look for ‘home interior decorator near me’ on the internet, when you have Housejoy. Just log on to or simply download their app and book interior design. Their innovative interior designers will capture what you need and understand your requirements and budget before they propose a design plan that is best for you. Once the plan is approved by you, you won’t have to worry about a single thing! Their in-house team of experts will take care of the entire project as you can relax and as they have CCTV installed to give you access to online viewing, you can easily get your updates and check up on the work from anywhere.

Do you want to transform an empty space to a space where an office can function? Are you looking for commercial Interior design or office interior design services? If you are then Housejoy is your answer to the search for ‘interior designers near me’! You can meet their qualified interior designers and share your requirement and budget details to help them propose a design that will be perfect for your new office space.

Do you have pinterest-worthy interior decoration in mind? Are you looking for someone to do your home interior design in Tumkur? Turn to Housejoy and expect nothing but the best interior design services in Tumkur! The service provider offers innovative, sophisticated and captivating interior designs. You can book the service on their website or download their app and get in touch with their qualified experts. Once you approve the design plans, their in-house team will take on the job to turn your living space into one that your will love! You don’t have to worry about contacting multiple people for different issues, as with Housejoy you will have a personal relationship manager who will be your single point of contact. This helps in avoiding the trouble of being in touch with various people and ensures a hassle-free experience for you!


  • How does the Interior designing process work?

    The process begins with the inspection of the floor plan of the area. Our experts then visit the Site and understand the Client requirements and budget, after which we proceed to designing, and finally, the execution takes place.
  • Why do customers choose Housejoy?

    Housejoy does all hassle-free work from plan approval till finishing.
  • How do you guarantee hassle-free work?

    The work is hassle-free because we maintain transparency in every level, starting from the procuring of material/s, payments and execution. Also, the same will be updated to the client/s on a regular basis. The Quality control team ensures that the quality is not compromised.
  • How do you commit on-time completion of project?

    We will be issuing work schedule of entire project and monthly work completion activity and the same will be monitored with our experts. The client/s can also review the same.
  • How is the material selected and used?

    The Client is first educated about the materials, then the Client visits the Showroom with the designers and takes the final call.
  • How do you share the schedules?

    The client is provided with two Schedules, one is the entire Project Schedule and the other is the Monthly Schedule of work.
  • How is the project delay handled?

    The occurrence of projects delays are very rare, however we mention penalty clause in the agreement and we stand by it strictly.
  • How do you monitor quality?

    Quality will be monitored by the Quality experts. Also, CCTV cameras will be installed at the site to access online viewing from any part of the world. Images will be shared on Whatsapp group twice a day to share updates.
  • How comfortable is your payment process?

    Our payments are very unique. We don’t take payments in stages; we take payments on an actual work so that client does not worry whether they are paying more than the actual work done. Also, we give cash flow details as per the work details.
  • Who do we contact during work?

    There will be a single point of contact i.e. the Relationship Manager or RM for any queries and updates to avoid the hassle of contacting multiple people for different issues.