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Gift your Microwave a New Life! Best Online Microwave Oven Service in Vijayawada

When you look at your broken microwave oven, you may see a lost cause. Microwave ovens rely on a much-complicated technology than things that can be fixed by ‘do-it-yourselfers’, primarily because, of the extremely high voltage component that can jolt you with a potentially deadly electric shock. However, it’s not like we can go a day without them!

So, here is the deal! Whenever you need a trusted professional help related to your Microwave Oven repair in Vijayawada, is your team. Our experienced team ensures you 100% customer satisfaction with hassle-free repairing service.

Microwave Repair Service Signs

A microwave oven is anyone’s most reliable ‘kitchen-pal’. From making a quick dinner to popping a bag to popcorn or steaming veggies, it is difficult to consider a day with them not working. How do you know your microwave is showing signs of damage? How can you say if it's time to consider a microwave oven repairing service?

Here are some of the most common warning signs that you need to schedule a microwave oven repair.

Internal lighting is not working : The problem might sound so simple, most probably an issue with the old light bulb. Since this involves opening of the microwave cabinet, you might need to call for some professional microwave oven repairing service.

Unusual sounds during operation : The issue that needs to be addressed might be either something as simple as some wayward piece of food stuck in the turntable or misaligned fan blades. It could also be caused by a defective power diode or a high voltage capacitor. First, check the turntable, if you find nothing, call for a professional help.

Takes more time to cook : If you doubt any trouble with the average cooking time, try the two-minute test. Ideally, an 8-ounce mug of water should be steaming hot after 2-minutes. If the water doesn’t boil by the said time, maybe you shouldn't wait long to get a skilled microwave oven technician to help you out.

Touchpad malfunctioning : If nothing happens when you click start on your microwave, or if the touchpad is not working, it’s better to call for a professional service as it needs to be removed and cleaned.

It is important that you schedule a microwave oven service request with a professional when you notice anything amiss. Untreated issues can later lead to major issues that will be more complicated to repair.

However, there are a few DIYs you can try to get your microwave started, Check your breaker panel and make sure nothing is tripped, Unplug the cord and check if for frays or other problems, Check the door to see if they close properly, mainly because the doors of the microwave is a vital safety component, carefully designed to contain the radiation.

If none of these fixes help, you might need to call for a professional help from

If you live in Vijayawada area and need verified skilled professional for your microwave oven, we’d like to help.

Contact Housejoy today to know more about Microwave Oven repairing in Vijayawada.