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Electrical Services

Switches, Meters And Fuses

Switches, Meters And Fuses

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  • keyboard_arrow_rightInsurance against damages upto Rs. 10,000

Book Your Professional Electrical services Online near you in Vijayawada

Whether it’s a simple power outage or something more serious like an outlet that emits a burning odour or wires that start a fire -- whatever is that you consider as an electrical emergency, it is not fun! That is the reason why it is important to identify potential electrical threats and do what you can to salvage it.

We are committed to helping you to live out of that risk with our expert and well-trained professionals who can identify any electrical issues at your home. Whether it's an electrical installation, repair or replacement, dial or send us an online request at Housejoy.in for any sort of electrical maintenance work in Vijayawada. Our experienced electricians will help you out to your fullest satisfaction.

Common electrical warning signs in your home
Burning Odours
It is normal for recently purchased electrical appliances to have an odd odour right after being turned on. But it shouldn’t last long. If you notice any weird smell from any of the electrical appliances, cords, outlets or walls, don’t ignore it. Request for an electrical maintenance service from Housejoy if you’re staying anywhere in Vijayawada.

Hot Service Panel
Your service panels are not supposed to overheat. If it does, then it might be time to request for some serious electrical maintenance work. If you are living in Vijayawada area and you notice any kind of changes to your electrical panel including browning, heat, or frayed wiring, contact Housejoy for electrical repair works.

Carbon Monoxide
This poisonous gas from some of the electrical appliances can put your health in danger if the appliance is not installed properly. The easiest way to detect carbon monoxide emission is by installing a carbon monoxide detector in your home. You can also look for physical symptoms of carbon dioxide poisoning like shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, headaches, vomiting and general weakness. Housejoy is committed to safeguarding your home from any sort of electrical emergencies.

Power Outages
Do you feel your home wiring is old and need to be replaced? With the old wiring, you might be probably leaving your home at risk by overburdening the electrical system and also the various electrical appliances in your home. If you’re living in Vijayawada and experience something similar, dial or send us an online request at Housejoy.in. Let it be any sort of electrical maintenance work, our experienced electricians will help you out to your fullest satisfaction.

As houses age, its common for the wiring to fray and the connections to get loose. It is always better to request for an electrical maintenance service from Housejoy, if you are living in Vijayawada area, to rule out any possibilities of an issue before it actually develops into a serious problem. Book a service online, today, to get your house checked for any sort of electrical emergencies. Apart from electrical maintenance services, we also offer repair services and other home services in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Chennai.