Know more about Fumigation


What’s Fumigation?
Bacteria, viruses, deadly pathogens remain invisible. Fumigation Is a treatment that helps kill most of these disease-causing microbes including CoronaVirus.


Why Fumigate?
CoronaVirus is a combination of genetic code wrapped in a protein and fat coating. The disinfectants used in fumigation pierce through the fat layer and diffuse the virus, thus curbing its spread.


When Do I Fumigate?
Once in a fortnight is recommended. Regular fumigation of homes and shared spaces reduces the chances of it housing these microbes.

Why Fumigate with Housejoy?

Internationally certified disinfectants

No side effects, safe for humans and pets

Curbs the spread of CoronaVirus

Trained executives in protective equipment

How Does it Work?

Trained experts in protective gear carry out aerial disinfection by misting disinfectants in and around
your home using special equipment (Ultra-Low Volume fogger)


Enquire/Book Service for a specific date

Experts give a Quote based on you Home Sqft

After acceptance experts carry out aerial disinfection

Virus Fumigation Service

Protect yourself and your loved ones from any harmful Viruses with Virus Fumigation